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Ben'Dar replies to Jordi, "Horses are the most valuable commodity on the 
plains, and are commonly used in trade. It is not uncommon for the People to 
sell horses, though amongst themselves, there is no money involved, only 
barter. Caladan's father is probably trading horses for various other 
 During the feast, Ben'Dar tells tales of his homeland and traditions of his 
own people. He tells of his experience seeing the Ho'Ga'Sha long ago. He 
tells of the horse ranch he has started in Marentia. As the night wears on, 
and the ale has been flowing freely for some time, Ben'Dar gets a little 
more rowdy and begins a tale of battle as he toasts his hosts. Pointing to 
his dragon armor and his tooth/claw necklace, Ben'Dar boasts, "The dragon 
that this came from was a mighty beast which did not give up its skin 
easily! It was summoned magically by an evil priestess in a dark cave, deep 
in a mountain, in a land far from here. Smoke swirled and light flashed and 
suddenly a huge dragon appeared before us!" Ben'Dar pauses and refills his 
mug with ale and noisily toasts his hosts' hospitality. He continues with 
the story, "The beast didn't see us immediately, so I and some others rushed 
at it with our weapons, trying to slay it quickly. We struck at the beast 
and a mighty battle ensued. The dragon began summoning its foul magic and we 
backed away... but this one," he says, pointing at Jordi, "single-handedly 
rushed upon it, distracting it and keeping it busy while the rest of us 
regrouped to attack it once again. The dragon beat its wings and called upon 
its magic and caused a strong wind to smash our pointy-eared friend here 
against the cave wall. I thought he would die then and there, but he is made 
of strong stuff. Truly, a braver warrior I have never known." Ben'Dar 
refills his mug again and smiles hugely at Jordi. He toasts the elf's 
bravery. He continues with the story, "The battle was long and bloody and 
hard-fought. But eventually the dragon was beaten back and knocked down!" 
Ben'Dar leaps up on his chair, pretending to hold a spear in his hands. 
"Before it could rise up again to slay us, I jabbed my spear into its head, 
through its huge eye, pinning it to the floor. Victory was ours!!!" He 
finishes, holding both hands above his hands in triumph, sloshing ale all 
over himself. He leaps back down off his chair and still standing, he grabs 
his mug off the table, refills it, and toasts generally to Zen'Dan honor won 
in many victorious battles.
 Later on, Ben'Dar will remove his dragon armor and tooth/claw necklace to 
let some of the young men from Caladan's tribe examine and touch them.
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