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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]                                     
          Z'leyra will help clean up the horses then put on some of
          her better shaman type clothing in preparation for entering
          the village.
        GM:  Ack. 

        From Ben'dar: [Re: In reply to various people]
          Regarding conversation with Strie'bog :
            Ben'Dar ponders the words of Strie'bog regarding his past
            and his home.  He replies, "My heart is heavy to learn of
            your father's death and your mother's sickness.  What cure
            can possibly heal a wounded heart of its grief?  How can
            your mother defend your people from their enemies?  Is she
            a mighty warrior or a leader of your people? "

          Regarding the religious conversation...
            "The People worship the spirits of nature.  Animal spirits,
             the wind, the sun.  I myself  have great respect for the
             Spirits that shape the natural world around us.  Though...
             I do not know much about them.  I thought I met a nature
             Spirit once..." he begins, looking down at his horse, but
             then thinks better of it and says no more about it.
          In answer to Strie'bog's question of why Ben'Dar has travelled
            so far from his home, Ben'Dar stiffens and his eyes narrow  -
            but only for an instant.  Then he casts his gaze at the
            ground in front of his horse and his shoulders slump
            somewhat.  In a low voice, he confides, "I was taken from
            my home against my will.  The vile people of Clima captured
            me and killed many Zen'Dans at the same time.  Members of
            this group rescued me and I have traveled with them since
            that time.  Though some in our party would see it as harsh
            and barbaric...it is the way of my people to exact revenge
            upon those who have wronged us.  Because of that, I will
            not feel worthy to return to my people until I have regained
            my honor and restored the honor of my people by killing
            and/or capturing many more Climans and restoring wealth and
            prestige to my people upon my return.  I suppose you do not
            understand - but it is something I must do."
          In response to Caladan's rebuke:
            Ben'Dar is confused, and his eyes smoulder with anger.  He
            waves Xian away as he tries to intervene.  He says to
            Caladan's back, "I will not question your honor as you
            have questioned mine, my friend. But I will disagree with
           "The elder shaman sought to 'solve the problem' by placating
            a killer of his people.  By bribing the giant with food, he
            surrendered the pride and honor of his people.  This giant
            should have been, justly and rightly, hunted down and killed
            for its offenses against the Zen'Da, not given gifts to
            purchase its mercy."
           "I respect those who do not kill indiscriminately, because I
            am one of them.  But an enemy that attacks us has sacrificed
            its right to live.  Whether it dies directly in combat with
            us or is rendered unconscious and later killed by us; it
            matters little to me how it dies, as long as it receives a
            clean, honorable death at our hands. To not kill it would
            have been dishonorable, as it would have  suffered in agony
            and probably eventually died from its injuries."
           "This beast attacked us with the intent to kill us all.  We
            all attacked it in return with the intent to kill it.  Were
            you trying to merely subdue it with your fire magic, my
            friend?  Is that why this beast is burned nearly
            unrecognizable?  No.  You were trying to kill it outright
            just as we all were - more than the rest of us, judging by
            the massive burn damage done to it.  I do not consider
            killing a vicious giant, which attacked me with the intent
            to kill me, a rash action.  I consider it the optimal outcome
            of the combat and a just and fitting end for an evil creature
            who has committed such atrocities upon your people."

           Actions:  Having had words with Caladan, Ben'Dar considers the
           issue to be done and forgotten.  Later, Ben'Dar will clean
           himself up in  preparation of entering Caladan's village,
           and make sure he's  wearing all his beast body-part
           paraphanelia (hippogriff feathers,  tooth/claw necklace,
           dragon armor, etc) Regarding the giant gauntlets, Ben'Dar
           helps to strap them to one of the draft horses if no one
           claims them.  He has no interest in them, but figures they
           can be sold and the proceeds split as party loot at some
           point in the future.
        GM:  Ack.  Good on the animal spirit thing :)  Hrm.  Interesting.
          Got a idea from your comments to work on :)  Ack on caladan's
          comments (see below).    Gauntlets claimed by you since no
          one else wanted them.  They can be sold later to help the
          ranch funds.  :)

        From Strie'bog: [Re: Replies and actions]
          Strie'bog would not have hidden his converstation with Ben'dar,
          so any who wanted could freely listen.

          "Thank you friend, his death was hard on many."  He pauses when
           Ben'dar asks about his mother, contemplating what he will say.
          "There is a cure, but I do not know what form it takes.  The
           forestals foresaw my finding the cure."  He looks up toward
           the sun, "My mother is powerful, and her arm is far reaching.
           She is the mistress of the forestals, and they were my
           teachers.  She knows the name of every tree and plant within
           her boundaries, and oft talks to them.  Though mighty in
           battle, she is by nature no warrior.  I have not been in the
           plains often, so I don't know if there is an equivalent in
           the lore of your people. She is neither queen or princess,
           but her words carry power within the Forest."

          From Ben'dar: - Regarding the religious conversation...
          "There are many spirits in the forest," Stire'bog replies.
          "As I said, we worship Cernunnos and his court.  The spirits
           of nature are his children.  Do not be hesitant Ben'dar.
           Spirits can take many forms, and many things can be great of

           Regarding Ben'dar's history:
          "I can hear the pain and loss.  They took something from you,
           and you can not recover it without vengence.  Have you heard
           of the Book of Dawan?  As I mentioned, my father was a
           missionary.  He found that the Vassa and the my mother
           respected life, and so taught them the ways of Dawan.  He
           taught the me as well, though my heart belongs to Cernunnos. I
           do not remember the passage fully, but it says that though a
           man may steal your bread, he can not steal your dignity, only
           you can give that away.  It is a different way than your
           people, but I do understand the need for vengence.  I wanted
           it after the death of my father."

           He will listen to Caladan's admonishment of Ben'dar over the
           death of the giant, and Ben'dar's reply.  He does not interfer
           with the proceedings, as he wants to learn about the Zen'dali.

           Actions:  Strie'bog will clean up, and see to the horse and
           Bodyzar. He will put on fresh clothing as well.  Finally, he
           will ask for the Blessing of Cernunnos (cast Bless twice,
           applying results to Empathy and Eloquence).
        GM: Ak.  Spells casts successfully.  Will make notes here.  


        From Jordi: [Re: Actions]
          OOC: Jordi will use Regeneration.  He thinks it's important
          he learns a little bit more about it, because if one member
          of the      party is massively injured, a good EL in
          Regeneration will help him/her more than an excellent Healing

          Jordi thinks for a minute or two before answering to Caladan:
          "I think it's better that you introduce me to your people as
           an elf.  If I disguise my ears, perhaps they can think I'm an
           strange human; but, if later they discover I'm an elf, you
           will have problems; I prefer to face a minor hostility, than
           to put you in jeopardy later.  Also, we can't hide Thig; so,
           we don't gain a lot hiding my nature.  The only one who can
           gain something is me, but at a high cost for yourself."
           Jordi prepares himself for entering the village; he cleans
           his clothes, armor, etc... takes a look at his horse, and
           takes a look at the captured horses.

           Jordi will place himself in the middle of the party, and will
           try hard not to do anything that can be considered agressive.
           "Perhaps, Caladan, you can enter your village first; in this
            way, your people won't be surprised by the appearance of a
            group of armed, unkown riders..."
        GM: Ack.  Good stuff.


        From Chion: [Re: Actions]
          Chion reviews the comments of his fellows and decides he is
          not entirely worthy of a "honorable" entrance into town. Thus,
          he does not bother cleaning himself up, nor doing any of the
          other things people are doing. He figures it this way: the
          rest of the group is all nice and shining, so there is some
          need to balance that out with the reality that we are just a
          rag-tag band of adventurers. Plus, with him being dirty it
          might not be noticed quite as much that he is of slightly
          darker complexion than the rest of the folks here (they might
          think its dirt).

          He will keep a low profile while in town and simply observe
          the people and conversations as best he can.
        GM:  Ack. 

    [New Stuff]

     Octaqi 14, in the 163rd Year [TH]
       Location: River Sch (E) Riverbank, Zen'da Plains, 306 Miles
         North of Asichi City, Heading East from River

       [After the Earth Giant Combat...]

       [Caladan stops and listens to Ben'dar's reply in stern
        concentration.  His face showing no emotion.  Then when
        Ben'dar finishes a few seconds of tension continues.
        Then Caladan smirks.  His grin becomes even wider and
        then he shows his teeth in a full grin.  Ben'dar looks
        confused and so do others.  Ben'dar continues to fume
        as his blood boils a bit from the words exchanged.  Then
        Caladan with staff in hand walks toward Ben'dar.  He
        switches hands with the staff.  Then with the right hand
        he slaps the back of Ben'dar with it in a affectionate
        well done gesture.]

       Caladan: "You have spirit.  That spirit will benefit you
         in days to come.  Of all the people here I wanted to
         ensure you had the motivation and the desire to control
         your feelings.  Of all the people in the party you will
         have the most to prove being one of the Zen'da already
         you will be viewed with great scrutiny.  I have no
         dislike toward you or what you did.  But there will be
         some who may and its good to know you can defend yourself.
         The shaman was a fool but his heart was in the right place.
         It wasn't a popular opinion but just directed  in the wrong
         way.  To go against the views of others, in this case the
         party or our people, is just as important a trait as those
         who simply just do without question.  Well done."

       [Xian and Farseeker exchange looks of confusion.  Farseeker
        whispers to Xian]
       Farseeker: "A test?"
       Xian: [in whisper] "Looks like it."


       [Jordi approaches Balrog for healing.  He casts a Regeneration
        spell on Balrog.  A wave of energy moves from Jordi and into
        Balrog.  But it only heals 2 points of the 7 back.  He is
        still 5 under for the day.  Jordi loses 2 Energy Level points
        and Balrog heals 2.  Since its the same day as the 15th (morning
        of day 15) no natural healing occurs till the 16th.).]
       GM: It may take a few days to heal the energy points back.  


     Octaqi 15, in the 163rd Year [TH]
       Location: River Sch (E) Riverbank, Zen'da Plains, 306 Miles
         North of Asichi City, Heading East from River
       [Around 4:35pm]

       [As the party quickly prepare to enter the village the
        distant view of the village shows some smoke rising
        in a lazy fashion to the sky.  Every once in awhile
        a figure is seen in the distance but its too far to
        make out any great detail.  Strie'bog whispers a blessing
        spell on himself and says a quiet prayer.  Jordi speaks
        to Caladan...]

       Caladan: "Fine.  I'll do that.  As to entering the village
         first it might be best."

       [As the party finishes, all but Chion, the sun is to their
        backs low in the sky.  Though the sun can't be seen through
        the overcast skies.  A chilly wind still blows pretty hard.

        Caladan mounts and heads toward the village by himself.  At
        the half way point a group of riders head toward him.  They
        stop and they talk for what seems like forever but is only
        about 10 minutes.  Caladan then turns and waves the party
        forward.  The riders, 8 of them spread out and surround
        the party.  All warriors with Scimitars or Lances and
        some shields and bows.  While not in battle stance they
        eye the party carefully with caution.  Caladan leads the
        party toward the village slowly.  As they approach word
        spreads in the village of visitors.  A crowd slowly forms
        to watch the visitors.

        The village is nothing like a typical civilized village with
        houses and shops.  In fact its very primitive.  The tribe
        has 20 Tipis set up around a 500 square feet area.  In the
        center is a large campfire.  Around the campfire are spits,
        pots and other things for cooking.  Around the campfire are
        small stools for sitting or low benches.  To the side of
        the large burning campfire is a large picnic style table for
        what must be community eating.  It appears to sit 40-50 at
        any one time since the table is long but narrow.  The Tipis
        are the classic style upside down triangular cones.   Most
        are sun baked white, tan, brown or aged grays mostly in color.
        The material seems to be from hides, leathers and cloth all
        seemingly connected together.  There is only one entrance, a
        large flap, in one side.  At the top poles stick out where
        smoke exits from what must be inside smaller fire pits.  Some
        of the Tipis are small for a small family while others are
        large as 25-30 feet in size at the base but it hard to tell
        size without entering.  Another large structure maybe 20x10
        feet is seen off to one side.  The structure seems to be
        made of logs at the base and foundation and a combination
        of mud, tree limbs and birch (?) at the top.  Again its
        hard to tell at this distance the materials but that seems
        to be the case.  It seems to be a lodge log cabin house.
        But the 4 sides are open at this time and some sit in it.
        There seem to be large hide/cloth flaps which can be hanged
        for "walls".  To another side seems to be two corrals where
        horses are held in one and other animals in another.  Some
        animals are strung about here and there tied up alongside
        Tips like a dog, cat, small calf, pig or sheep.  Many
        of the people are dressed in the same drag colors and leathers
        as the tipis.  Many wear white, tans or brown tan top and
        bottoms.  They wear sandals or no shoes.  Some of the women
        may have more colorful jerkins with reds, yellows or even
        the rare blue.  At least 70% of the people don't seem to
        be carrying weapons or anything at all.  The warriors who
        do carry them at their sides or may have them within reach
        if needed.  Only the escort into the village has horses.
        There are 3-4 other horses in the village with men going
        this way and that on various tasks.]

       Caladan: "At any one time we could have 150-200 in this
         particular village depending on time of the year.  Soon
         as winter closes in more will come to stay till spring."

       [Many of the women seem to be wearing metallic or wooden
        jewelry around their necks, hair, wrists or hands.  The
        men only seem to wear one style of necklace.  The necklace
        seems to be a simple string with beads.  Based on how they
        look the more beads seems to indicate they are higher in
        some form of warrior station.  At this range its hard
        to study the beads any more at this time.  As the party
        gets within 20 feet of the village first Tipi around 100
        are already standing about.  At least half are adults from
        age of 17-50 while the rest are spread out (children, teens
        and elderly).  Seems at least 60% are males and rest are
        females.  While many are normal size there are one or two
        who seem a bit under weight.  Only one female seems to be
        overweight.  So it seems the people aren't hungry but not
        overflowing in food.]

       [Its rather strange to see just this small group of structures
        in the plains where nothing can be seen for miles and miles.
        As the party enter the best face is put forward....

        Balrog still with a wounded broken rib rides softly on his
        horse wearing leather armor, daggers in belt, short sword
        in sheath, whip and sling on belt.  He seems to grimace
        in pain as he moves into the village and glad he can sit down
        and rest his rib.  Otherwise he seems disinterested in the
        people of the village.

        Caladan leading forward with firesnake in his lap smiles
        and waves to various people he must know.  He removes his
        helmet and packs it during cleanup explaining "The Zen'da
        do not really like helmets".  He carries warstaff in hand,
        bow/quiver on his back, wears his leather armor under his
        robes.  With his brown cloak and gloves he looks like
        a mix of a noble rider, cowboy and misfit at times.  

        Ben'dar wears his dragon armor but it seems to be a bit
        scratchy as he enters the village.  Maybe its some
        subconscious thing since no one in the village seems to
        be wearing anything more heavy than leathers.  Or maybe
        the wind is just making it itchy?  He holds his spear
        in hands but in his lap, Bow on back and pike slung on
        his horse.  He eyes the various people and suddenly
        feels a bit homesick...

        Farseeker tall in the saddle rides forward in perfect
        military parade style.  He is wearing his shiny chainmail,
        great sword on his belt and has his other various heavy
        weapons on his horse.  He looks around the village more
        so than at the people as if to assess the village for
        defensive positions....

        Jordi rides forward with a few butterflies in his stomach
        as the culture shock might hurt a bit for both sides.  He
        wears his elven scale mail, sword, longbow on back and his
        boots are especially comfy today.  He wills his hands not
        to move to his ears but to keep them in the open.  He
        keeps a emotionless face so not to show fear or hate or
        even love.  A true diplomatic face....

        Xian in his leather armor, leather helmet, shield, daggers,
        arbalest on back and staff in hand looks nervous as well
        but more in visiting new places.  He closes his robes as
        if to hide something but finds its more to keep warm.  He
        spots a young woman in the crowd who seems rather pretty
        and smiles at her...

        Chion carries himself as normal riding with Sais in belt,
        sword in sheath, wearing his chainmail and helmet.  He
        carries his staff in one hand and with his cloak seems
        like he'll fly off the saddle anytime the way the wind
        blows the cloak....

        Trembyl in his leather armor, daggers on belt, scimitar
        in sheath, arbalest on back wears his robes to stay warm.

        Strie'bog not nervous so much as he has been around Zen'da
        before.  He smiles at the various kids and adults.  He has
        his longbow on back, qulted/leather armor and various musical
        instruments on the horse or himself.  He thinks this could
        make a new good song.....  

        Kasha doesn't look like what he really is, a merc.  At least
        not the typical ones most see.  He has daggers on his belt,
        quilted/ring armor, sling on belt and mace in his hand.  The
        cloak and boots seem to separate him from other Mercs.  As
        he enters he thinks maybe its time he settles down and
        starts a family...then he shakes that thought out quickly...

        Thig is not nervous, he rarely is.  His ego and sense of
        being overconfident shows otherwise.  He wears his tiny
        leather armor, buckler on arm, daggers in belt, staff in
        hand, crossbow on back, short sword in sheath, sling on
        belt all seem to overweigh him down but he stands tall.
        He also closes his robes tight from those looking too
        much inside.  As he enters he wonders what these people
        eat so he can feed his dogs.  He hopes they have something

        Unali rides simple with only leather armor, daggers in
        belt and sling on her belt.  Her amulet catches the eyes
        of some children in the crowd.  She looks like a taller
        figure in her black clothing, cowl, gloves and boots.
        She actually scares a few of the younger kids by her
        sight as if she is a imposing figure but the adults are
        not affected at all.  Her fur hat flaps in the wind
        as she eyes the crowd ever watchful.  She realizes this
        must be the furthest north she has ever been?....

        Z'leyra wears her dragon helm, leather armor, daggers on
        belt, buckler on arm, sling on belt, staff in hand, longbow
        on back with quiver.  Her drum is lying to the side in the
        open for all to see.  She looks around the crowd for what
        must be the shaman of the village....where is he?...

        GM: At this point everything said from a village person
          will be said in the Zen'dali tongue.  Party interactions
          can be in marentian or whatnot.  But from now on to
          talk to them it should be in Zen'dali.

          As a record of who knows Zen'dali and who doesn't

          Balrog, Thig, Trembyl, Unali - Knows not even Zen'dali cusswords
          Chion, Strie'bog, Xian, Kasha know it in mild forms
          Jordi, Caladan, Ben'dar, Farseeker - Know it fluent to native

          If something is not understood it will be translated if
          the situation allows it.  Otherwise if there is a problem
          with the language I'll mention it.  


          [Caladan stops the party at the campfire as the crowd of
           the village now surrounds the party.  He looks around
           as if looking for some particular person.  But out steps
           from the crowd a elderly man in his 70s it looks like.
           To the party seeing old people some in this crowd as
           old as their 90s it seems is unusual.  In most civilized
           areas old age is less common due to the so called
           advanced living of society.  These people may be barbarians
           to many cultures but they sure live longer on average.
           The elderly man comes forward and speaks to Caladan.]
          Man: "Welcome back Sundancer.  It has been a long time
          Caladan: "Where is father and the others?"
          Man: "Should be back in a few hours.  They have gone to
            a nearby clan to sell a few horses."
          Caladan: "Father would do this?"
          Man: "Yes. He--"

          [Then another male steps out.  This one is much younger
           in his 30s it seems.  He is holding a simple long staff
           of wood.  It doesn't appear ornate.  He wears tan leather
           jerkin and pants.  He stands almost 5 feet tall and
           looks around 180 pounds or so.  He wears two necklaces.
           One of many beads of various colors.  The other a necklace
           of tubes that seem to be on each side of the string.
           The small white tubes are cute with a fine knife and
           appear to be a decoration than some other purpose.  The
           tubes are about the length of a finger and there are
           about 12 on each side of the string all horizontal.
           On a few of the tubes are small feathers.  In his black
           hair a headband with 3 feathers stick out.  On his
           right side at his hip sits a small drum like that of
           Z'leyra.  This must be the village shaman.]

          Shaman: "Who are these people Caladan?"
          [For some reason he uses the name and not the nick name
           or honor-name of sundancer.]
          Caladan: "These are honored friends and guests of mine
            and should be given all the hospitality our people
            are known for."

          [Caladan dismounts then points to the Shaman.  He
           turns to the party and speaks both in Zen'dali and
          Caladan: "This is Cetric N'Wadh the shaman here.  He
           has been a great asset to the village."
          [he then walks over to each person and introduces them
           to the village in a loud voice.]

          Caladan: "This is Balrog.  A warrior that moves like
            the wind without making a sound and can be in the
            place of a enemy before he knows it."
          [Course he doesn't explain that translates to he is
           a good thief and can rob you blind.]

          Caladan: "This is a brother.  Ben'dar is of the Fel'oros
            tribe.  He is a great horseman and warrior in battle.
            His horse honors the plains by its mere presence.  In
            his days with us he has helped to battle horse eaters,
            dragons and giants."
          [Zen'da would likely not know the word hippogriff per se
           so he uses horse eaters as the common slang for them
           main enemy of the horses.  He points to the necklaces
           Ben'dar to wears.  When he mentions the battles the
           crowd whispers greatly to themselves.]

          Caladan: "This is Chion Blades.   He is a skilled warrior
            who has helped in many battles.  He is also a craftsman
            of weapons and armor."
          [It was clear Caladan didn't want to mention much about
           him like his other skills at this point.  Knowledge
           is power.  In fact Chion is surprised he knows the
           blades name but he must've heard it in passing sometime
           in the past.  Caladan also doesn't mention he is a
           magic user but that logic was explained previously.]

          Caladan: "This is farseeker the best warrior in all of
            Marentia.  He can use these heavy swords as easy as
            you can lift a rope."
          [At the exaggeration many of the male warriors smile
           and laugh or murmur among themselves.  Its clear
           though from some looks many warriors believe the
           words spoken by Caladan]

          Caladan: "And this one is Jordi.  Many of you may not
            know what he is.  But he is an Elf." [He pauses for
            the crowd to discuss it in whispers] "His people live
            far to the west.  The Ho'ga'sha has dealt with his
            people over the years." [To this others murmur among
            themselves hearing the great chief spoken of.] "There
            is nothing to be afraid of him.  His bravery and
            courage is beyond most other men.  His people work
            with nature and the spirits.  They are great guardians
            of the forest and masters of the bow."
          [Caladan doesn't mention him being a diplomat but that
           might make a bad first impression for a warrior tribe
           who prefers battle over peace.]

          Caladan: "Malradh ben Kasha is a great warrior with his
            mace.  While a great rider of horses he also has travelled
            wide and far as our people do at times.  During this
            travel he has learned seven languages and many warrior
            skills for battle."
          [The party finds the language comment odd but I guess it
           comes down to the various sub dialects of the Zen'da?]

          [Caladan sighs and looks at Thig.  This should be tough.]
          Caladan: "This is Thig.  He is known as a Faerry.   His
            people are also far to the west with the Elves of the
            forest.  These are his two dogs.  Thig is a warrior who
            can get into places most can't.  He is a great scout
            and tracker.   He is small only because his people are
            small.  Again there is nothing to be afraid of here."
            [He pauses then looks straight at Thig and nods.  Thig
             grabs hold of his robes.]  "His people have a special
             ability..." [He nods and Thig drops his robes.  He
             then unfurls his wings at the shock and surprise of
             the people who seem to step back a full step.] "He
             can fly like the great birds." [At this thig takes
             to the air and circles the crowd.  But three warriors
             raise Bows and ready them.  Caladan sees this and yells]
             "Stop!  He means no one here harm.  If you hurt him
              you hurt nature as his people live only in constant
              touch with nature.  Would you kill the sacred eagle
              cause they fly?" [The warriors look at Caladan then
              at Thig.  They lower their weapons.   The Shaman while
              during this keeps quiet and eyes Caladan.  Caladan
              waves for Thig to land.]

          Caladan: "This joyous person is Strie'bog of the Vassa.
             He knows many stories and songs of our people.  Maybe
             he'll honor us by singing and giving some stories
             at the feast.  He is a fine player of music but can
             also use his bow with the forces of fire at his beck
             and call.  This is his wolf friend.  A friend who
             has chosen to protect him."
          [Caladan nods at Strie'bog.  Again he doesn't mention
           he is a user of magic but can "call" on forces of
           nature which for now is a better explanation.]

          Caladan: "Trembyl!  He is a person who deals with the
            elements and works with the spirits for the good
            of the earth.  He is also a fine warrior who can
            wrestle the best in our land."

          Caladan: "This is Unali.  Her lands are far to the
            south.  She is an expert warrior with the daggers
            and can use both at one time while some men can
            only use one!  Even without the dagger she uses her
            warrior skills in battle to kill and subdue with
            fast work."

          Caladan: "Xian.  A long time friend.  A kind spirit who
            is skilled in the healing arts."
          [Xian just smirks.  He knows he can't say much about
           Xian being a great warrior as that's not really true.]

          Caladan: "This is Z'leyra.  She is a shaman, healer,
            teacher, craftsman and warrior.  Her healing skills
            are renown in our lands.  Her friend there has
            joined her when her last Eagle was killed in battle.
            She seems to have a constant eagle spirit protecting
            her as her spirit guide."

          [Caladan turns and stands while the people whisper and
           talk among themselves. Then he walks to the shaman.]
          Caladan: "Cetric, please accept these guests as my
            personal friends and gusts."
          [Cetric looks to the elders, the warriors and the
           people then to the party as if looking for something
           to say or not to say.  Then he faces Caladan.]
          Cetric: "Welcome!  All...the process of learning of
            each other will be well rewarded in the end.  We
            shall hold a feast to honor the guests!"
          [With that many women depart the crowd and head to
           the various tipis to gather food and materials.  The
           crowd also slowly disperss to only maybe 20 or so
           that hang around and eye the party or whisper among

         [Caladan approaches the Elder and Cetric.]
         Caladan: [Whispers] "I was told there was trouble
           here?  Is there?"
         [Both look at each other then back.]
         Cetric: "There is no trouble that we can't handle
           ourselves." [he emphasizes the word we] "You expect
           to return after four years and save us?  I think not."
         Elder: "Your father will explain when he returns.  For
           now we'll hold the feast then your father will explain
           later tonight." [his eyes shift from Caladan to Cetric
           in a unspoken way.]
         Caladan: "Fine."
         [The shaman turns away and walks back to his tipi with the
           elder going in another direction.]

         [Caladan stands in the center of the party and speaks in
          low tones.]
         Caladan: "I hope we have not wasted a month and a half
           for nothing.  The tribe looks normal to me.  This
           trouble I do not see.  But maybe we'll learn more
           as the evening grows."
         Balrog: "Will your father know?"
         Caladan: "I don't know.  I'm sure he will.   Go ahead
          and dismount.  We'll sit at the table and wait for
          the feast.  This ritual of a feast is one where they
          rather feed guests even when food is running low to
          honor them.  During the feast the shaman will make
          a toast with a ritual speech to the spirits.  We
          should all drink at the same time the shaman drinks.
          That is one custom that must be followed.  In fact
          its a test of trust.  Those who hold back are seen
          as unworthy or hiding something."

        [Several young teens gather the horses and take them
         to the corral.  Caladan explains nothing will be
         taken as to steal is a heavy crime and would be more
         dishonorable than many other things.  As the
         night grows torches are lit around the camp near the
         Tipis and other spots.  The food a half hour later
         starts to be piled on the table.  Many vegetables,
         meats, fruits and breads.  Even some soup type bowls
         are served in the center.]

     Actions?  Comments?
     Next update Monday...

     GM: In doing book keeping - Jordi you have now +1 EL Foyson
     Theft from the casting of these spells each day.  

     GM: If you wish to do anything during the feast let me know.
     Next update will continue the feast and other things.  At
     that point the horses will be awarded, trade goods can
     be exchanged.  Jordi's wine, etc.  Battle stories will be
     told and other stuff.  Let me know....

     BTW, as a GEE Whiz thing.  Website has a image of what
     the village of tipis might look like :)  Bottom of the
     page.   Horse report updated with days 44-45 spells.

     If you wish to get a updated character sheet let me know.
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