[pnpgm] Arriving to Caladan's village.

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Tue Sep 6 10:53:07 CEST 2005

     OOC: Jordi will use Regeneration.  He thinks it's
important he learns a little bit more about it,
because if one member of the party is massively
injured, a good EL in Regeneration will help him/her
more than an excellent Healing spell.

     Jordi thinks for a minute or two before answering
to Caladan:
     "I think it's better that you introduce me to
your people as an elf.  If I disguise my ears, perhaps
they can think I'm an strange human; but, if later
they discover I'm an elf, you will have problems; I
prefer to face a minor hostility, than to put you in
jeopardy later.  Also, we can't hide Thig; so, we
don't gain a lot hiding my nature.  The only one who
can gain something is me, but at a high cost for

     Jordi prepares himself for entering the village;
he cleans his clothes, armor, etc... takes a look at
his horse, and takes a look at the captured horses.

     Jordi will place himself in the middle of the
party, and will try hard not to do anything that can
be considered agressive.

     "Perhaps, Caladan, you can enter your village
first; in this way, your people won't be surprised by
the appearance of a group of armed, unkown riders..."


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