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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog................Balrog............Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells...........Ben'dar...........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett..........Caladan...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty........Chion.............Sailor..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres...........Farseeker.........Warrior.Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent.........Jordi.............Wizard..Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg........Malradh ben Kasha.Merc....Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji..Thig..............Sidh MU.Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell........Strie'bog.........Artist..Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)...Trembyl...........Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere...........Unali.............Ninja...Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams...........Xian..............Wizard..Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen..........Z'leyra...........Healer..Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar
       6 Captured Zen'da Horses
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        From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar is outraged when he hears Caladan tell of how the
          giant used to hunt down Zen'Dan warriors to eat them.  When
          Caladan mentions that the elderly shaman was laughed at for
          striking a deal with the evil giant, Ben'Dar raises his
          eyebrows and thinks, "Yes, I would have laughed at the old
          fool also...especially after the beast had killed so many of
          the People..."

          Thig says "He's actually still alive and breathing.  Just
          unconscious. What shall we do?"

          Ben'Dar shakes his head in disbelief that the giant is still
          alive. "Only one thing to do.  Finish that foul beast that
          has caused so much harm to so many."  Ben'Dar hefts his pike
          onto one shoulder and, turning on his heel, he strides
          quickly over to the giant. Stepping up onto its chest with
          one foot, he raises the pike above his head with both hands.
          Plunging it down with all his strength, he stabs the beast
          through the heart.

          Question about the giant gauntlets:  Are these like arm guards
          or bracers or are they like big metal gloves?  If the former,
          could they be modified (by a skilled armorer perhaps) to be
          worn on the legs like greaves since they're too big for human

          On gathering up gear in the chasm:  Ben'Dar has 40 feet of
          rope in a saddle bag.  He pulls out the rope and helps haul
          up gear out of the hole.
        GM:  Ack.  You kill the Giant.  Gauntlets are studded leather
          with no metal.  They are magical.  Likely to increase
          some damage done by arms.  They go from the wrist down to
          just above the Giant's elbow.  On a human that's about 1.5
          hand lengths.  Since Giant is in proportion 3x human size
          this would be 4.5.  For a six foot tall person its 4 from
          the ankle to the thigh.  (At least for me :)).  So there
          would be some overage on either end.  I suppose it could
          be done as such but would look awkard.  Also cutting the
          item could ruin the magical (and thus value if sold later)
          of the gauntlets.  As to width.  As I figure it would
          be one width over for legs so could be very loose fitting.
          I know not specific numbers I just cheated and used hand
          lengths and circles (thumb to middle finger to measure width).
          This help somewhat?


        From Jordi: [Re: Actions]
          "No! Wait!" -Jordi says when he sees Ben'dar raise his pike.
           However, Jordi, being distrated taking care of the wounded,
           isn't quick enough.  Ben'dar's pike is deep into the Giant
           body when he speaks.

          "Well, a pity.  Perhaps he could have given us some interesting
           news before we kill it; if he has his lair too far away from
           here, and he visits regularly this area, he was perhaps a good
           source of news.  Of course, no interaction with humans, so we
           can't ask a lot of details, but he could have some info about
           far lands..."

          It seems clear that Jordi doesn't mind that the giant is dead...
          in fact, he semms to consider that the dead of the giant is the
          normal outcome of the encounter.

          Jordi will heal Balrog and Trembyl, if they agree.
          He will cast a purification for regeneration (Maximum EL), and
          then will cast Regeneration spells for both of them, (with Sidh
          Tongue 80).  And he will give (with Thig's permission) some
          food to Thig's dogs; they are very brave, and they deserve a
          After that, he will help to recover what can be recovered from
          the chasm.  He has a 30' rope, and some stakes to secure the
          rope, if needed.

         "Caladan, are we near your lands? It's an odd time to make some
          questions (OOC: It can be assumed that Jordi asks these
          questions the next morning), but I need to know some things.
         First, not being a human, how must I behave when we meet your
         people? I don't like to cause any nuisance. May I speak freely
         your tongue? May I use my magical abilities?"
         After listening Caladan explanations, Jordi tries to speak with
         Ben'dar when nobody else can hear them:
        "Ben'dar, when we were in Marentia, I bought a present for
         Caladan family; will I break any law, tradition or custom if I
         give it to Caladan's family?

         Because your ways are very different from the ways of the rest
         of humans I know, and I don't want to cause any problem."

         OOC: Sorry for not writting this before, but this week I had
         some problems -well, lots of problems :-( - now they are solved,
         but I didn't have a lot of time. I am happy to know Scott is okey,
         and I hope the rest of the US players are also okey; when I saw
         the images of the French Quarter, I was apalled.  One reporter
         said that Algieres quarter was devasted, destroyed entirely...
         I hope help reach the area quickly; but I fear Scott is right,
         and a lot of people will be found dead. Good luck; I hope the
         Big Easy and the rest of the affected areas recover soon.
        GM:  Z'leyra healed Trembyl as he needed the best care.  But
          Balrog you can surely get the experience.   Do you want
          to use Regeneration?  That will drain you of energy points.
          Rather not use Healing or even your Healing Amulet?  As to
          Thig's dogs he'll allow it.  Bit surprised as no one has
          tried to get close to them.  So he likes the offer.  See
          below for the answers.   

        From Ben'dar: [Re: reply to Jordi]
           Ben'Dar replies to Jordi, "Gifts from strangers can sometimes
           be looked upon with some suspicion among the People.  There
           may be even more suspicion because you're an Elf.  My people
           have a perception of Elves and Faeries as somewhat mischievious
           and even malicious.  I myself had that misconception when I
           first joined the party, though I soon learned better.  I'm
           sure your gift will be well received though, seeing that you
           are good friends with Caladan.  I'm sure you will give no
           offense with your gift.  What is it?"

           During the next time of quiet riding in the coming days,
           Ben'Dar pulls his horse up alongside Strie'bog.  Matching
           Strie'bog's horse's pace, the two ride side by side for some
           time.  Ben'Dar seems to be silently making a decision about
           something.  After a long silence, Ben'Dar finally turns and
           hesitantly says, "I have given thought to the blessing you
           gave during the fight with the giant.  I can sense that there
           is wisdom and goodness in you Strei'bog.  But I know very
           little about you and about your background.  I know even
           less about "Cernunnos" (he stumbles over the unfamiliar
           word).  But I would like to learn more.  Would you tell me
           more of yourself, your home, and about this "Cernunnos"?
        GM:  Ack.  Good interaction.  


        From Jordi: [Re: In reply to Ben'dar]
          Jordi listens with interest Ben'dar explanations.

          "Well, I don't know (and I didn't know when I bought my
           present) a lot about your people, but I have noted that
           human cultures have a strong liking for good alcoholic
           beverages, so I spent 1 GC in  good wine (OOC: I don't know
           if it's good wine of fine wine, I don't remember), because
           I tought it will be something valued in these lands."

           Jordi blinks.
           "And, if they don't apreciate it, well, I'm sure we will!"
        GM:  Ack.  :)


        From Strie'bog: [Re: Comments]
          "I have travelled in your lands Ben'dar, but they are still
           a mystery to me.  Mayhaps we can learn from each other.  I
           come from the forests in land of the Vassa.  The Vassa are
           a peaceful people, and aided in teaching me, but I was not
           born of their people.  As I said, they are a peaceful people,
           who respect the cycles of life, but they know how to fight.
           They are surrounded by many who would take their fertile
           lands, and so they have learned to defend themselves,
           sometimes by means your people would call dishonest.  Honor
           among the Vassa is not like the honor among the Zen'da.  It
           is not battle prowess that is sought, but a well lived life.
           Yet, as I said, I was not of their people, though I learned
           their love of life, and was loved by them. I was raised in
           the forests, not in the villages, for it is there that my
           mother can be found.  As for my father, he was from Dawan. He
           came as a missionary, but discovered that the Vassa already
           had a love for Manu and Omael, for life.  They also respected
           the spirits of the forest, who call Cernunnos father.  Some
           of the Vassa devote their life to the forest, to Cernunnos,
           while others are devoted to the teachings of Omael and Manu.
           My father and mother grew to understand each other, and the
           different aspects of Cernunnos, Manu and Omael.  Yes, both of
           my parents were holy people, dedicated to the gods and
           community.  My path was similiar, and though I hold the
           Dawan teachings as sacred, it is to Cernunnos that I hold
           devotion. It is to the honor and glory of Cernunnos that I

          "As for Cernunnos, he is best described as the Lord of Nautre,
           the Undying One.  He is the Lord of Life, its patron and
           protector.  In this way, he and Omael are brothers.
           Cernunnos's court of spirits seek to protect life, and are
           enemies of Kototh, his servants and children.  This at least
           is a start.  Among the Vassa, I am a teacher and holder of
           history.  Unlike others, we do not bind our histories into
           books to be forgotten, but like your people, keep it alive
           through song, dance and story."

          "I feel that there may be another question you may want to ask.
           If I am a teacher of my people, why have I travelled?  I am
           looking for a cure; a cure to heal a wounded heart.  My father
           died protecting my mother.  His death was a blow to my mother,
           and she is now weakened.  As I mentioned, enemies surround
           the Vassa, and her wound leaves them vunerable.  So, I have
           been sent to find a cure."

          "Why have you travelled so far from your home?"
        GM:  Ack.  Excellent.  Do you say this loud enough so others
          can hear and understand?


        From Unali: [Re: Actions]                                       
          If  she can have someone help (levitate) her get up and down
          the chasm to her tent, she will gladly take the help.
          Otherwise she will take a rope and climb down to retrieve
          her tent and belongings.
        GM: Ack.  Not a problem on either.  Figured this was sufficient
          for public.  

    [New Stuff]

     Octaqi 14, in the 163rd Year [TH]
       Location: River Sch (E) Riverbank, Zen'da Plains, 306 Miles
         North of Asichi City, Heading East from River

       [It takes some time to clean up the mess in the chasm.  The
        problem is not finding items but the possible rock and dirt
        slides that could bury a person and other items.  So Thig
        helps out along with rope and some good team work from everyone.
        About 80% of the big items are carried up and out within about
        20 minutes.  But its too dark to find some of the smaller items.
        So in the morning when first light comes the rest are picked
        clean and found.  Luckily nothing (from rolls) is broken or
        beyond cleaning by a good cloth and water.  Even the tent is
        in good shape and the fabric didn't get cut.  In the morning
        it takes about 15 minutes to finish cleaning and finding the
        items while the party packs up for travel again.]

       [Ben'dar quickly finishes off the giant.]

       [Balrog just grins in that with his pains hes glad to see the
        beast dead.  Farseeker only sighs in disgust at the waste
        of a creature.  Jordi tries to stop Ben'dar but is too late.
        First regretful then not so much afterwards.  Kasha frowns
        and was hoping to use his Mace on the beast at least once.
        Thig shows no emotion at all.    Xian turns away at the
        final cut and walks away.  Caladan stands and stares at
        Ben'dar and the Giant.  It seems he wishes to form words
        to speak...then does...]

       Caladan: "You must understand.  Many Shamans on the plains are
         more noble...hrm..more attuned to nature than the typical
         warrior.  A warrior like yourself is trained to fight and
         kill to survive.  There are some war oriented shamans here
         and there but most look to uphold all life.  While this creature
         raided our people for many decades the shaman sought to solve
         the problem.  He had visions that this Giant was doing things
         not of his own free will.  Some argued it was their nature
         to kill and fight.  Just like the warriors.  But the gods who
         created the Giants had them serve their own purposes.  We
         may never know those reasons.  Another shaman argued with
         the other shaman to save him (he points to the Giant).  The
         elder shaman could not answer questions of the vision that
         it was occurring now or it was before or after the vision.
         The young shaman started to get upset but the elder shaman
         was too much respected by the leaders and he won out barely.
         Yes.  Many do and did laugh at him.  But I've found over
         the years many shamans are wise beyond their years.  For
         myself and some here we don't try to kill outright.  I joined
         this party long ago because of that.  We will fight to save
         ourselves in self defense.  Yes.  But to kill out right is
         not in our nature."  [At this Xian turns and just nods in
         agreement] "If we kill like that it makes us as mean and
         evil as this beast was.  A path we should not take.  Going
         on rash actions can cause future problems."

        [With that he turns and walks away.  But seeing confusion
         in Ben'dar's face, Xian walks over to Ben'dar.]

        Xian: "It is late and he is tired.  He may not think too
         clearly at this hour and may be harsh.  He has not lost
         respect for you.  As to the Giant maybe killing him was
         the most effective thing.  Maybe he'd bleed to death during
         the night.  If he was to lay here a day surely some animal
         would've finished him off.  So you killed him with mercy
         and that's what Caladan sees.  He only wanted to explain
         another point of view.  You understand?  As to his story
         it is interesting and makes one wonder about the unusual
         shaman and who he was.  Must've been a great man."

        [At that Kasha dances around and jumps back as he slaps his
         legs.  Looks like he kills a few insects.]
        Xian: "Step in ants?"
        Kasha: "Dunno.  These bugs came off the giant's hair near
          his ear and just started swarming.  They flew off though.
          Guess the giant had fleas or something?" [He waves a
          torch near the ground to inspect the dead bug he killed]
          "Now that I've not seen before.  Unusual color." [At
          that Pogo comes sniffing over and eats the bug.]

        [Ben'dar hops off the Giant and inspects the gauntlets.]


     Octaqi 15, in the 163rd Year [TH]
       Location: River Sch (E) Riverbank, Zen'da Plains, 306 Miles
         North of Asichi City, Heading East from River

       [The next day turns to be a very cloudy day from 80-90% of
        the sky full of dark or gray clouds.  A pretty miserable
        day indeed.  The temperature only rises up to about the
        mid 60s.  Around 11:30am a large hail storm suddenly
        begins to hit the party.  Fro those who have shields they
        use them to block from falling medium sized hail stones.
        For those who do not they have to dismount and try to take
        cover between horses or use a bag over their head.  The
        hail storm only lasts about 3 minutes.  The horses have
        minor bruises and scratches but everyone else is in good
        shape.  Then around 4:30pm a drizzle rain drops lasting
        about 2 minutes which makes the party cold and a bit
        exhausted from riding.]

       [During the travel Caladan hears and answer's Jordi's questions.]

       Jordi."...near your lands?..."
       Caladan: "We should get there by nightfall if not sooner."

       Jordi: "....May I speak freely your tongue? May I use my magical
       Caladan: "Well.  I don't know.  Your the first Elf I know of
         who has visited our area.  In fact Thig will be the first
         Faerry as well.  I just don't know how they'll react to
         you or him.  This is all new to me as well.  I suspect
         if you just cover your ears they'll treat you as any
         other human.  As to magic.  Just don't flaunt it.  The
         shaman is the one who uses magic.  Even then its not magic
         per se but spiritual rites and methods.  Use of too much
         "magic" could lower his station and he might be fearful
         of that status loss.  To be honest we don't have many
         outsiders who know magic.  In fact when I was around I
         don't recall any.  So again we'll just have to learn this
         as we go."
       Xian: "But you used magic surely?"
       Caladan: "Yes.  But I ...only used it when needed.  My fire
         magic came in handy at times and then i used it in such
         a way not to be obvious about it.  there are ways..."
         [It seems Caladan looks to the sky to think of a way to
          explain it.] "...Some of the more less influenced people
          could be swayed by magic.  This is how the shamans get
          their true power in the tribes.  So magic to a shaman
          is power so think of it in that way.  As to using our
          tongue that would show respect that you learned it.  Outsiders
          get respect by doing so.  Traders for example who do not
          know the tongue usually are avoided.  With the friend who
          comes to our area every so often, the same one who gave
          me the warning note, knows our tongue and is highly respected
          as a friend."

     [The party continues onward.  It seems obvious by now that
      to many Caladan hasn't discussed everything he could have
      or wanted to.  Maybe in time...]

     [After the afternoon drizzle the party ontinues onward a bit
      tired and hopeful of seeing people soon.  Finally about
      an hour of riding something in the distance about 1-2 miles
      is seen.  Its hard to tell distance based on the long open
      plains and the overcast skies.  But it looks to be a puff
      of smoke.  Ten minutes later more of riding something else
      is seen.  Caladan smiles and nods.  He stops.]
     Caladan: "My village.  We best dismount and clean ourselves
       to prepare to enter.  Might want to dust off and dust off
       the horses.  A good show is a good impression to my people."
       [With this he dismounts and adjusts his gear and cleans himself
        off of dust and checks his horse over.]
      Xian: "Will they see us?  It must only be a mile or so from
        the village?"
      Caladan: "More than likely but that's to be expected."

     Actions?  Comments?
     Next update Friday...

     Ok.  I was going to do a bit more but figured I'm too tired
     right now and brain isn't working.  I need to work on a few
     minor bookkeeping details.  Then work on some more research
     on the actual adventure.  But hopefully on friday the party
     can move into the village.  If you have any last minute
     actions or questions let's hear it now.

     Updates may be slower as the adventure begins.  As I stated
     earlier it won't be as long as the last one.  In a table
     session it would only last one weekend.  In a pbem who knows :)
     Its taken us 6 months to do the 45 days pre-travel stuff so
     maybe we can finish by next summer at most or as early as
     spring :)  Well gotta work on some details.

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