[pnpgm] Searching for a fallen friend

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Wed Apr 27 01:18:03 CEST 2005

Ben'Dar slides down off Tef'wo's back, his spear in hand.  He calls out in the darkness, "Balrog!  Where are you?!!"  He reaches down cautiously in the dark to the fallen female(?) and grabs it roughly with both hands and heaves the limp body up onto Tef'wo's back.  Then, leading Tef'wo with his left hand, his spear in his right, he moves slowly forward through the darkness, feeling for Balrog's body with his feet and calling out Balrog's name as he goes.

If he locates Balrog, Ben'Dar will heave Balrog's body (assuming Balrog is unconscious or worse...) up onto Tef'wo's back also and then quickly lead the horse out of the darkness, back toward the campfire.  He will shout in his native tongue, "I found Balrog!  He's hurt!  I'm coming back to the campfire!"  His top concern is to get help for Balrog.
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