[pnpgm] Things that go bump in the dark!

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Sat Apr 23 02:45:42 CEST 2005

Ben'Dar thinks that Balrog is either unconscious or dead, judging by the scream of pain that was suddenly cut off.  So he is ready to take down anything that moves in this darkness now.  Still...he is not 100% sure and he doesn't want to kill his friend by mistake.  Hmmm...decisions, decisions.


When the unidentified thing bumps into Ben'Dar, his warrior instincts take over.  He swings his spear full force at whatever it is, trying to smash it into unconsciousness.  His intent is to do subdual damage by striking with the shaft of the spear rather than the sharp point.  If it is an enemy, it will hopefully be incapacitated.  If it is Balrog, hopefully he won't be killed.

Ben'Dar will try to control Tef'wo this phase so that the horse doesn't attack the figure.  The horse's attack would not be to subdue...

Whatever is in this darkness knows that Ben'Dar is here now, so Ben'Dar is making noise while attacking and moving around.  ("Balrog?"  "Are you ok?"  "Where are you?" etc).  If the moving figure doesn't answer in Balrog's voice, the next attack will be with the pointy end of Ben'Dar's spear and he'll let Tef'wo attack also.
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