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  HT Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells           Ben'dar           Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Wizard  Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
  Do Robert Maxwell        Strie'bog         Artist  Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses, Wolf - Boyzdar

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       From Strie'bog to Kasha: [Re: Replies]
         "Music is a gift of the Gods, one given to help us remember
          the joy of life.  I have a fiddle with me, and know how to
          lay.  It is an excellent instrument to play at festivals,
          for its sound seems to inspire people to dance.  If you like,
          I would be happy to teach you how to play."
       Kasha: "That would be great and appreciated.  I'm sure we'll
          have many free hours on this trip."


       From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
          As Z'leyra is glancing around looking for enemies she opens
          her mouth, utters some softly spoken words and ...vanishes.
       GM: Ack.  


       From Ben'dar: [Re: Actions]
          Ben'Dar looks down at the creature lying on the ground at
          his feet.  It is no longer snorting and it isn't moving, but
          he isn't sure if it's dead.  "Better safe than sorry," he
          thinks, and he jams his spear full force into the creature
          a second time, aiming for the heart.

          Ben'Dar glances around the immediate area to ensure there is
          no other threat nearby.  Probably hearing the sounds of
          fighting from various corners of the camp,  Ben'Dar will go
          quickly to the horses and untie Tef'wo.  Grabbing a handful
          of mane with his left hand while still holding his spear in
          his right hand, he slides up  onto Tef'wo's bare back and
          wheels the huge horse  around, looking for a target to
          charge at.
       GM: Ack.  May take more than one phase.  Not sure. 

     [Recap - Armor Assumptions [My Reminder]]
      Ben'dar - Leather         Chion    - None
      Jordi   - None            Stri'bog - Quilted
      Unali   - Leather         Z'leyra  - Leather
     [New Stuff]

     Sepes 5, Thusuda in the 163rd Year [TH]
     Location: 14 Miles NW of Maren City, Plains/Road
     Time: 11:39pm, Partly Cloudy, No Moon, Party camp

     [Turn 1: Phase 2]

       [Mana Allocation]

         [Xian, Z'leyra, Chion and Strie'bog allocate mana]

       [Missile Fire]

         [Strie'bog strings his bow and aims at the women but
          hesitates as unsure of her nature.  He aims at her
          however in prepartion.  He asks "Is she dangerous?"]

         [Thig now in the air fires into the darkness at the
          fast moving creature in the air but the repeating
          crossbow misses by a good 20 feet.]

       [Magic Effect]

         [Z'leyra finishes her spell words and goes invisible.]

         [Xian also finishes his spell words and loses solid
          mass and see through.]

       [Melee and Movement]

         [Farseeker yells out "Shes getting away!" and then
          charges after the female.  He comes up behind her
          and thrusts his great sword right into the back of
          the female doing 10 points of damage.  The female
          jerks back as the blade pokes out the front.  Blood
          spills out.  She then gives off a odd sound like
          laughing?  She remains standing even after the blade
          leaves her abdomen.]

         [Trembyl amazed at the damage the female has taken rushes
          up alongside Farseeker and swings his scimitar at
          her slicing her arm for 8 points of damage but shes
          still standing.]

         [Ben'dar takes one more stab with his spear on the creature
          but it doesn't move.  He then twists and rusn to the horses
          to find his horse.  He quickly finds the one with the
          collar on and takes the strap from the ground and prepares
          to untie him.]

         [Unali stands and watches as Farseeker impales the female
          and decides daggers likely wouldn't affect her.  She
          thinks of a new action.]
         GM: Unsure if you'd attack.  :<

         [From the sky the creature circles and finds a new target.
          It dives toward the person who is stooped over.  Lucky
          for that otherwise might've been a head hit.  The creature
          gribs his club and hits ....Ben'dar as he flies by..
          the damage is 13-1=12 points!  Ben'dar is knocked flat
          against the ground with his breath knocked out as several
          ribs may be broken from the damage.  Unfournately the
          creature also scares the horses.  Hooves begin to stir.
          The strap Ben'dar had in his hand slips from his hand
          and two horses free themselves and trot off to the west.
          Sudden Twe'fo stands over Ben'dar to protect him from
          the horse and their heavy hooves...]
         [Balrog turns confused and heads northward.  He
          leaves the zone of magical darkness.  He turns
          and sees the burning bush and tries to figure out
          what is going on.]

         [From the southeast a distant struggle is heard in
          the darkness.  A few snorts and growls and barks.
          Then a howl occurs as a canine sounds like its
          been hurt?]

         [Z'leyra picks up his heavy crossbow but decides
          his warstaff may be enough.  He tries to find
          a target but the darkness is still heavy even
          with his burning bush.]

         [Z'leyra now invisible sees the fleeing horses and
          yells to them one quick command in their own horse
          language to stop.]

         [From the southeast growls are heard as a scuffle
          ensues.  Then a loud snort is heard or a yelp of
          pain but not so much a canine yelp.]

         [Kasha slowly walks southeast to try and find out
          what is making the noise...in the darkness though
          he can't find anything but noise as the burning
          bush doesn't seem to penetrate the natural darkness
          in this area.]

         [Jordi grabs the rest of his gear and leaves his tent.
          He looks around and tries to figure out what to do.
          But he is ready for combat.]

         [Chion stands his ground while holding the staff in
          front of him at a diagonal defense angle.  He stares
          into the darkness in the NE to see what is in the
          area but doesn't see anything.]

         [Suddenly the magical darkness shifts.  As quickly as
          it came the campfire light reappears.  This lights
          the area much better now.  It moves northward and
          something gets close to Balrog (now in darkness
          again) and tries to bash him with something but
          Balrog is lucky enough to move out of the way just
          in the last second.]

         [Suddenly light shines near Chion and he sees a large
          10 foot python lunging for him.  The black and red
          snake hits the staff and slides off as fangs almost
          hit chion.]

         [The female near Farseeker turns around and as she
          does her gown shimmers and turns into red and black
          mottled skin.  Her body completely transforms into
          a large python this one 14 feet long.  It stands
          4 feet off the ground as its neck has the strength
          (or maybe it was just up since she was standing).
          It looks at Farseeker and prepares to lunge..]

         [In the southeast a form is seen but it looks like
          a large horse or dog?  There are two dogs near it.
          The wolf is seen by the flicker of the flame but
          away from the other 2 dogs.]

         [Xian decides to yell and scream to get the attention
          of the flying creature.  Since he can't be hurt now
          its a good distraction.]
 A   B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L     1 Hex is 10 feet normal
/  \__/  \__/ ............ \__/  \__  1
\__/  \__/  \_.....B......_/  \__/    2  ** = Campfire location
/  \__/  \__/ ............ \__/  \__  3  ## = Tied up Horse/Donkey
\__/L \__/  \__..........__/  \__/    4       by stakes in ground
/  \__/  \__/  1__/  \__/  \__/ 7\__  5  
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \7_/    6  Dogs      = Awake
/L \__/  \__/##\__Z  \__/  \__H  \__  7  Wolf      = Awake
\__/  \__/  R##/ !\C_/**\__/  \__/    8  Eagle     = Sleep
/  \__/  \__/##\__/  \__/  J__/  \__  9  Firesnake = Awake
\__/  \__/  \##/  \X_S  \__/  \__/   10  Horses    = Awake
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \U_/  \__4  \__ 11  Donkey    = Awake
\__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/65 12
/  \__/  \__/  \__F2 \__/  \__K  \7_ 13
\__/  \__/  \__/  \V_/  \__/  \__/   14
/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__/  \__ 15

 Legend / Locations:
   . = Magical Darkness
   B = Balrog    [G2] [**IN DARKNESS**]

   R = Ben'dar   [E8]       C = Caladan   [G8]
   H = Chion     [K7]       F = Farseeker [G13]
   K = Kasha     [K13]      S = Strie'bog [H10]
   V = Trembyl   [G14]      U = Unali     [H11]
   X = Xian      [G10]      Z = Z'leyra   [G7]  
   J = Jordi     [J9]
   G = Thig      [In Air] [Not on map]
   ? = Firsnake  [In Air] [Not on Map]
   ? = Bedroll [G6, H6, K7, G10, G7, J6] [All not on Map]
   ? = Tents [J9, I10, J9, H10, H1, K8]  [All not on map]
   4 = Wolf [K14]
   5 = Creature? [L12]
   6 = Dog [L12]
   6 = Dog [L13]
   7 = Python near Chion  [Two 7s for size]
   1 = Creature Dead
   2 = Python [G13]
   L = Loose Horses [B4, A7]

  Some minor reminders
    Balrog - In Darkness, again, being attacked
    Chion  - The action you had planned takes time to enact so
             you can do it next phase for sure.  First phase was
             the "wake up" and get ungroggy phase.  This is the
             first of 2 phases to do your action.  
    Jordi  - What now? You can see 3 targets
    Thig   - Thig, Eagle and Monster? in air
    Strie'bog - Obviously the female now python is hostile.
             So will assume you fire your bow at it next phase :)
    Z'leyra - Actions?

  Ben'dar is hurt.  Balrog, Chion, farseeker nad Trembyl under
  direct attack.  Campfire now shines and shows all 3 enemy

     Next update Monday  Turn 1 Phase 3
     Actions? Comments?

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