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  HH Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  R3 Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Chris Wells           Ben'dar           Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  R4 Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  R1 Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Wizard  Normal/Elf    Ma
  R4 Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
  R3 Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
  R3 Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W3 Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
  R3 Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  W2 Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's,
       Z'Leyra's Eagle, 2 Draft Horses

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    Admin notes: None

    [First some Admin business -
     1.  IRS - If you haven't figured it out by now it was a April
         Fool's Joke!  I couldn't resist.  It fooled some of you
         guys but not Chris aka Ben'dar :) I know as Bugs Bunny
         is fond of saying I'm a verrrryyy  badddddd boy!
     2.  We will continue as far as I can.  I got gear and other
         info from everyone but Unali.  Wout must be really busy
         so I'll just go on some assumptions for now.  Hopefully
         we'll resolve that soon.  So it should go on the regular
         2 updates per week schedule from now on.
     3.  Website Updates
         A.  Character Descriptions - File shows updated character
             developement notes and descriptions.
         B.  Horse, Food and Camping report.
             This file shows how each party member's hrose breaks
             down in terms of encumberance.  This is why I wanted
             the gear stuff done.  I'm being a bit more realistic
             and critical in this area.  Secondly it shows the
             camping info.  This is just a quickl glance for me
             to know who is sleeping in a tent and who is sleeping
             in the open for combat purposes.  Lastly the food
             info section will contain expeditures of food for
             each day.  I'll update this info almost every update
             with those expeditures.  This way its easy to keep
             track of and you can check on it as well.
        Both links are at the very bottom of the Game Website.]
     4. From the Character descrption files heres some Gee Whiz
        Info.  Characters in [] are equal standing. 
        A. Age
           Trembyl, Xian, [Thig, Unali, Z'leyra], Ben'dar,
           [Caladan, Kasha, Chion, Farseeker], Jordi, Balrog
           Trembyl is the elder and Balrog the youngest.
        B. Height
           [Balrog, Chion - 81"], Ben'dar 78", Caladan 76", Unali 74",
           [Farseeker, Trembyl 73"], Kasha 72", [Z'leyra, Jordi,
           Xian 70"], Thig 52"
        C. Weight
           Chion 240, Caladan 220, Trembyl 210, Kasha 210, Balrog 190,
           Farseeker 190, Ben'dar 190, Xian 170, Z'leyra 140,
           Jordi 140, Unali 120, Thig 75
     5. Header Update - Header updated above with HH [Horse Type]
        column R)iding horse or W)arhorse.  Mainly as a remainder
        to myself for movement and combat.  

     [We continue...]

     Sepes 1, Satusda in the 1633rd Year [TH] - 5pm
     Location: Green Tooth Inn, Sivas SE District, Marentia

        [For four hours the party talk over old times and adventures
         and catch up on the last 3 months of their life.  Finally
         the tavern grows quiet, the fire goes down to coals and
         the night gets cooler.  The tavern owner tells the party
         Caladan paid for everything.  The party then begins to
         finally break up around 9:15pm.

         Damon and Balrog head down the streeto a hotel for Balrog
         nad a wharf house for Damon.  Z'leyra leads Ben'dar,
         Caladan, Chion, Jordi, Kasha, Thig, Trembyl and Unali
         to her manor outside the city.  It takes them about half
         a hour to get there and finally the party by then is
         exhausted. The servants see to their things and make
         room for everyone to sleep in a reasonble manner.  Z'leyra
         beams showing her home to everyone especially her forge
         area where she creates various things.

         Farseeker and Xian head to their fortress dorm (Farseeker)
         and home (Xian) to pack up for the morning.

         The group plans to meet before sunrise at the Wharf district
         and Damon gives directions to everyone.  

         That night the temperatures begin to drop as Fall has
         surely begun or at least has come early.  The party
         sleep in their various places with no incidents.]

     Sepes 2, Monada in the 163rd Year [TH]
     Location: Sivas, Lake Sivas, Maren City

        [The party gets in about 6 hours of sleep and slowly
         wake up.  They gather their belongings and head to
         their wharf destination.  The sun is just starting
         to rise and the temperature is in the high 60s.

         Those from the manor take about 45 minutes to get
          to the Wharf where Farseeker, Damon and Xian are
          already waiting.  Damon reports that his ship with
          Cholan should be back anytime and almost on cue
          10 minutes later his ship the one captured on Clima
          arrives.  A quick reunion with Cholan and others ensue.
          But eventually everyone boards and the ship begins to
          set sail as the sun is over the horizon.  Damon
          explains the trip will take all day.  They decide not
          to make any stops even for a lunch break.  The ship's
          crew pushes the ship to get the ship to Maren city
          in time.  During the day the sky is overcast and
          temperatures vary from 60 to 80 degrees.  At one point
          around 1pm a short sleet storm occurs of rain and
          hail which creates a gray and dreary situation.

          Finally the ship edges into the port of Maren just
          before midnight.  Oddly the party recalls this same
          type of situation just 3 months prior of a late night
          destination but in a different section of the city.

          Damon suggests the party might as well sleep on the
          ship theres plenty of berths and open space in some
          enclosed areas topside.  Its too late to get rooms
          now and would cost money.  The party decides this
          is a good idea and sleeps on the ship while it
          rests in the dock.   Nothing of interest happens that
          night other than a patrol getting information on the
          ship from Damon.]

     Sepes 3, Tuesday in the 163rd Year [TH]
     Location: Maren City

          [An hour before the sunrise the party gets to wake
           up as the port begins to stir as fishermen ships
           leave port and sailors begin to prepare warehouses
           for loading and unloading.  The port becomes loud
           with many people moving about.  

          The party starts to leave the ship when they notice
          Damon lurks behind.

          Damon: "Sorry guys.  I'm going to stick this one out.
            She [he points to the ship] needs me.  I have a
            crew and a friend to take care of.  Cholan and I
            will hope you the best.  I hope you understand
            this Caladan?  If some of these sailors didn't
            have family and kids that depending on a job that
            I give them I would be with you."

          Caladan: "I understand.  I hope you the best.  No
            hard feelings at all."

          [Damon and Cholan watch the party head down the
           docks then turn to the crew and begin to issue
           orders.  Sailors rush ashore to gather some
           waiting cargo to be loaded for a town on the
           east short of Lake Sivas...

           Caladan asks that the party meet the next morning
           at the West Gate on the main road.  They'll all
           leave the city then.  This gives a full day of
           doing various errands folks have to do.

           Ben'dar leaves with Balrog and Thig to his Horse
           Ranch to gather his gear.  Balrog and Thig are
           interesting in seeing the ranch as well.

           Caladan and Trembyl head to Caladan's forest log
           cabin north of the city where he now owns forest
           land (though what little forest exists there).

           After getting suggestions from Ben'dar on where
           to buy a good horse Chion and Kasha head to a
           market and look for a horse for Chion to buy.

           Unali and Jordi head to the NE district of the city
           where Duke Aren has a small estate when he is
           in the city.  Jordi meets with Duke Aren privately
           for some time while Unali visits as well.

           Xian, Farseeker and Z'leyra head to find Z'leyra
           a horse and some pack animals as well.  Ben'dar
           arranges to have his stewart come to help as well
           which give s discount on price for Z'leyra, Jordi's
           horse and Chion's horse.]

    GM: This gives a horse break down for the party of
      Riding Horse I   - 1
      Riding Horse III - 4
      Riding Horse IV  - 2
      Warhorse II      - 2
      Warhorse III     - 2
      Unknown          - 1 [Ben'dar's]
      Draft Horses     - 2 [Pack animals]
                        13 animals

     Two pack animals are needed to carry the bags of grain for
     the horses to prevent further encumberance problems. Another
     is used to carry gear to lessen weight on some horses.
     One animal Z'leyra buys and the other the party shares in
     the ownership.

     BTW - Ben'dar if you want to show off your new horse you
     can insert it here.  :)

           [While in Maren City the sky is gray with overcast
            but the party doesn't take it as a omen.  High
            winds run through the port city all day and at
            one point high up a few snow flakes are seen but
            never hit the ground.  The party knows fall and
            the cold winter is approaching.  By now the farmers
            are harvesting their crops.

            During the day...

            Ben'dar gives a full tour o his land and the horses
            on his ranch.  Thig is impressed but doesn't understand
            why humans hope to settle themselves in one spot.  Balrog
            inspects the horses with Ben'dar and finds he is making
            some good progress.  Ben'dar tells of his encounters
            from monsters and trolls.  By the time they finish
            talking the sun is close to sunset.  They decide ot
            sit outside for dinner and stay there for the night.

            Caladan shows Trembyl his home as Caladan packs his
            things and prepares to leave.  He introduces Trembyl
            to the people of the small forest (only a few square
            miles of light forest outside the city in the hills).
            Caladan suspects the forest is not a natural thing
            in this area and must've been planted or magically
            grown by some long dead wizard.  Caladan explains
            to trembyl the forest tends to brings in enemies for
            the people and he also suspects that's part of its
            magical lure.  Trembyl theorizes the forest must have
            something hidden in it to lure such evil forces to it.
            Caladan shrugs it off as local legends and both head
            to Caladan's cabin for dinner and a night's rest.

            Chion and Kasha find a horse and Chion buys it.
            Kasha laughs when the oversized Chion climbs on the
            horse very slowly.  Kasha then gives a quick few
            lessons on how best to handle and calm a horse.
            Kasha then gives riding basic instructions nad how
            best to pad the saddle for new riders.  In appreciation
            Chion offers Kasha who was going to stay in a hotel
            a night's rest in Chion's house in Maren city.  They
            both head there for the night's rest.

     GM: Chion hope this is acceptable.  Figure its a fair
       exchange of services.  

            Jordi spends 3 hours with Duke Aren in his private
            office discussing various matters.  Jordi, Aren
            and then Unali eat lunch and discuss the last
            few months.  For the next hour or so Aren explains
            progress on the capture of various Climan spies
            in the province.  Late that afternoon Aren learns
            of their plans to visit the Zen'da plains.  Duke
            Aren gives a brief overview of the Zen'da tribes
            as far as he knows.  He wishes Caladan the best
            of luck.  By the time they notice it its 5pm and
            the sun is soon to set.  Aren invites the two to
            stay the night and sleep.  The trio then heve a good
            dinner and discuss various topics of interesting that
            evening before going to sleep.  

            Most of the morning Xian and Farseeker help Z'leyra
            buy a warhorse for herself and a couple pack animals
            for the party.  They then rent a stable slot and
            hold them for the night.  By the time they finish
            with the chore of horse buying and gathering some
            other supplies its 4pm.  arseeker suggests they
            check the local garrison for any reports of road
            problems (like bandits).  They find a few wanted
            posters but the highwayman reports seem to indicate
            most are to the far west nad not the road going to
            Cholchara.  Xian then stops in a bakery and orders
            himself some treats to take on the trip.  By the
            time this is over its little past 5pm and the trio
            decide to find a tavern for dinner.  

            The trio discuss possible tavern choices all 3
            having been in the city a few times but not
            experts on it.  Farseeker then recalls a nice
            tavern near their location that has usually
            night singers and even oen or two that sing
            Zen'dali songs.  Course hes only heard of this
            tavern from other military officers but they
            soon locate it - the Red Dewback - such a odd
            name Xian comments.  By the time they enter the
            temperature has dropped about 10 degrees from
            the afternoon warmth.  Entering they find a large
            open tavern that is two stories.  In the reare are
            stairs that lead to a couple of rooms of some sort.
            A door in the back likely leads to the tavern owner's
            family residences.  The tavern is full of citizens
            of mostly middle and upper classes.  But there are
            a couple of peasants who are eating soup.  Theres
            enough room for about 50 in the tavern.  Enough
            activity for the barkeep and 3 barmaids.  The
            trio find a table and soon order a nice meal.
            The trio notices a small stage set to the right
            of the bar that's empty at this point.  

            As the trio wait for their drinks a short female
            gets on stage and with a flute player behind her
            does a dance with 2 sharp daggers which seem to
            slice her skin.  Marks are seen on her skin but
            no blood.  The tavern onlookers are dazzled but
            mostly bored by the event as if they've seen it
            every night that week.  As dinner is served to the
            trio a new person takes the stage...

            From the stage, a melancholy tune can be heard.  The
            beauty in the refrain is obvious as the notes drift
            through the room, but the ethereal sound is spine
            tingling.  The performer sits upon a stool, draped in
            a long cowled cloak, only his pale hands are visible
            playing the stringed instrument, similar to a guitar,
            but with a triangular base.  The cloak is an elaborate
            affair, quilted with care to resemble the landscapes of
            a dense forest; the cloak is so well crafted that it
            could be easily imagined that this person could disappear
            from sight within such a forest.  His clothing is finely
            tailored cloth of rich brown, giving the impression that
            his body is the trunk of a willowy tree. The boots, another
            elaborate affair, are of brown, but edged in what first
            appears to be scraps of colored leather.Looking further,
            it is apparent that these scraps form a canopy of leaves
            that decorate the tops of these knee high boots, and
            covering the sides are intricate geometric patterns that
            look from a distancelike stylized plants.

            The lone performer starts to sing, and as he does, the
            lower half of his face becomes visible.  The strong line
            of his jaw reveals skin as pale as pearl, with a thin
            brown beard.  The voice that comes between the red lips
            matches the melancholy timber of the song, and though the
            language one normally heard in this land, the sense of
            loose and pain are readily conveyed by his tone.

            After the song, he speaks in Zen'dali.  "Thank you for
            indulging me.  Among my people, it is custom during this
            time to pay respect for the loved ones who have parted.
            But this for my people, this is also a time to celebrate
            all the goodness we have received", so He begins a new
            song, lively and joyful, making it hard not to want to
            dance and stomp your feet.  Throughout the performace,
            the performer keeps the cowl low on his face.

            Z'leyra listens to the song intently understanding the
            words but Xian and Farseeker do not speak Zen'dali.
            They do get the meaning and intent of the song.  The
            audience seems transfixed by the performance and even
            stops drinking and talking during it.  As quietly
            as the artist got on stage he rises and leaves behind
            a curtain to the back.  The audience claps in appreciation
            for a full minute.  Xian and Farseeker look at each other
            and remember those who have died up to this point the
            friends and comrades.  When dinner is over Xian doesn't
            take no for an answer and pays for Z'leyra.

            Xian: "You saved my life once.  This is the last I can
              do and its the first time I could buy you a dinner."
            Farseeker: "What about me?"
            Xian: "What about you?!" [he grins] "You still owe me
              for those bar damages you did at-"
            Farseeker: "Ok! Ok!..."

            [The trio leave the tavern and head for a good inn.
             There they share a small room and head for bed.]

     Sepes 4, Wendida in the 163rd Year [TH]
     Location: Maren City

            [Party members across the city and city margins begin
             to wake up well before sunrise.  Many have some
             distance to travel from the forest, ranch and Aren's
             estate.  The only ones to sleep late are the trio
             in the hotel [Xian/Farseeker/Z'leyra] until sunrise.

             Everyone collects their gear and heads to the meeting
             place at the West Gate.

             As the sun is just over the tops of the buildings the
             city begins to stir and wake up.  The party gathers
             and their horses and pack animals meet at the gate.
             The city guards there ask where the party is going
             and they mention no current dangers or situations on
             the roads and hope the party a safe trip.  The
             party leaves the gate and head onto the road.  About
             5 minutes late with the sight of the city still in
             view a man on a donkey approaches the city gates.  He
             asks if there is a caravan going to Cholchara.  The
             guard answers there is none he knows of.  But the
             group that just left is heading there.  The man on
             the donkey eager for travel companions for safety
             and speed urges his donkey on to catch up.  At his
             side a dog trots along the path.

             As the party get settled in the saddle and prepare
             for a long journey they hear the baying of a donkey
             behind them.  Some slow down and turn around to
             see a donkey obviously going at full speed trotting
             toward them.  On the donkey a man waves one arm up.

             Farseeker: "Who is that?"
             Balrog: "Who knows.  But that donkey looks like it'll
               die before it gets here if he pushes it that hard."

             The party decides to stop and let the person catch up.
             At a few hundred feet behind the party the man on
             the donkey is seen better.  He is wearing some brown
             robes.  As he gets about 50 feet away Xian, Farseeker
             and Z'leyra perk up and notice the rider is the same
             performer they saw the previous night.  They look
             at each other.   The rider finally slows down and
             catches up to the party within 10 feet he stops and
             catches his breath as does the donkey.  To his side
             the dog they thought was a dog is seen more clearly
             and is now seen to be a gray wolf!  Thig's two dogs
             growl in unease at this new canine.

             Trembyl [In Marentian] "May we help you?"

     GM: More to follow.  At this point is there any last minute
       things you want to do In Maren City in terms of chores
       or buying any last minute items?  Let me know.  Friday's
       update will have the party likely going to their first
       (if any) encounter.  We'll move on at that point.

     Next update Friday...
     Actions? Comments?

     Friday I will update links on website for food, timeline
     and anything else but will mention it in the update.

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