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OOC to Z'leyra/Alex:  Sorry, I was thinking our conversation was a future conversation, taking place when we're on the ship sailing home.  You had mentioned earlier that you told Ben'Dar your brigand/horse story "Over the coming days".  I should have prefaced my reply similarly.  :-)

Once Ben'Dar understands what's going on (stupid language barrier!), he decides to plan for the worst case scenario.  He figures that the flying ship is going to have their most vital weakness (the magic jar) well protected, so he thinks the flying mission may be risky and may not succeed.  He says to Jordi, "If they don't succeed, I agree with you that we should prepare for a fight.  Let's prepare to ambush them if they reach the cave."

OOC to GM:  Could the warships' siege weapons be used inside the cave?  For example, aim them at the entrance so that if the bad ship does enter, we can fire whatever big weapons we have on them before they can attack?  Is there anything else in the cave that might be useful in an ambush (netting, barrels of oil, etc)?

Ben'Dar will do what he can to prepare for a possible fight, along the lines of the OOC questions above.
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