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Loot division:  Option "b"
Magical Creatures:  I honestly don't know enough about what the creatures are or what powers they may have.  Ben'Dar will stay neutral on this one.

Actions regarding the flying ship:

Ben'Dar looks around quickly to see if there is any siege weapon on any of the warships that could be used within the few minutes we have.  Is there a catapult, ballista, or something similar we could use to try to shoot the ship before it can attack us?  If so, he will help the experienced sailors to move it into position, load it, and fire it as quickly as possible.

Failing that, do we have any magic that could be used to attack from long range?  Didn't Sava mention she was skilled in weather magic?  Can she make a wind or a storm or something to push them away?  Or perhaps the powerful elemental staff could be used to knock them down and sink them?  (Sort of along the lines of Z'leyra's suggestion)

Failing both of the above options....Ben'Dar sees no choice but to dig in for a vicious fight.  We have time to organize an ambush.  They can't know that we are in control of the mountain and cave can they?  Maybe we can keep silent and get into position around the inside of the entrance to the cave.  When they enter, we drop nets/rigging/sails on them from above, set their ship ablaze, and unleash everything we've got on them before they even know what's happening?

Conversation with Z'leyra:

"Are you from Ticasi then?  Isn't that part of Donara?  Judging from your story and from your obvious ability in combat that I have seen with my own eyes, you seem very resourceful.... for a woman.

I am a Zen'dan horseman from the vast plains of the Fel'oros people.  But I am no brigand such as those you encountered.  I am a warrior whose honor is questioned by no man.

I am skilled in training and riding horses and have desire to use my skills to make my place in the world.  I will own many horses someday; train them too.  My warhorses will be the envy of all the world.

You say you sold these horses in Porta?  I have no affection for the people of Porta.  They hate my people, thinking they are so much better than us.  They are nothing more than a bunch of thieves and pirates, no better than the scum of Clima.  While I understand why you sold those horses there, I would not choose to have any business dealings with those people.

Yes...people will come from all the lands to purchase my horses someday, but I will only sell them to those who are friendly to the Zen'da."
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