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Ben'Dar returns Jordi's spear and smiles and says, "Thanks for the use of your spear once again Jordi.  You fight with the spirit of the wolf - completely fearless!  I thought that dragon had you.  I respect your bravery...you would make a great Zen'Dan."

Ben'Dar is also very interested in the dead dragon....  With a sharpened dagger, he carefully removes the fangs and claws of the huge beast.  He would like to keep them and use them to make a necklace at some later time.  He also carefully skins several large pieces of undamaged dragon hide for use in making some extra tough leather armor in the future.

OOC:  Having grown up in the wilderness as a barbarian, I'm sure Ben'Dar has no trouble with the skinning part, but the tanning part may pose a problem.  Looks like I need to learn tanning.  Anyone in the party got any skill in this?

Ben'Dar also helps himself to the liquor cabinet, drinking some now with his newfound friends in celebration of our victory!  He also puts several strong drinks in his sack for future use.

He introduces himself to newly met members of the party in the lower levels of the mountain, and expresses gratitude to all for rescuing him from death at the hands of the Climans.  He talks to Caladan in Zendali to get all the details of their quest here to this mountain prison.  He expresses interest in joining with them and traveling with them in future adventures.

He gathers up his gear that was taken by the Climans when he was captured.

He begins immediately to work at learning the common language (Marentian I guess?) too so he can communicate with the rest of the party in the future.
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