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  Ht Alias/Player          Character Name    Type    Status/Notes  Sex
  -- -----------------------------------------------------------------
  Rh NPC Noble             Aren Solest       Duke    Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Balrog                Balrog            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tom Crockett          Caladan           Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Marcel Liberty        Chion             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  ?? Burton Choinski       Cholan            Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Bob Eldred/Nomad      Damon             Sailor  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Ryan Torres           Farseeker         Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Tim Falkenberg        Malradh ben Kasha Merc    Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh NPC Spy               Suresh Nambler    Spy     Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Orion (Paul Broman)   Trembyl           Fighter Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh NPC Fighter           Triest            Warrior Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Franseco B./Bondo     Valgor            Noble   Normal/Human  Ma
  Rh Scott Adams           Xian              Wizard  Normal/Human  Ma
  Wh Wout Broere           Unali             Ninja   Normal/Human  Fe
  Wh Alex Koponen          Z'leyra           Healer  Normal/Human  Fe
  -- Lyman R. Hampton      Kaylle            Scholar Normal/Faerry Ma
  -- Wayne Richardson/Uji  Thig              Sidh MU Normal/Faerry Ma
  Rh ------???-----------  Neva              Archer  Normal/Elf    Fe
  Rh Sergi Sallent         Jordi             Unsure  Normal/Elf    Ma
  Rh Npc Noble             Marta Valnon      Noble   Normal/Human  Fe
     Ally Section - Diplomats/Ex prisoners - 26 Allies
      G1  Akat, Zenon    (Goidan),     Chandris, Eri      (Kolari)
      G1  Vaeth, Tuon    (Donaran),    Vaidia, Anil       (Donaran)
      G2 *Zablin, Ris    (Zen'dan)     Ayddar Nylykerka   (Thaliban)
      G2  Nil Spaar      (Ursmaian),   Norda Proi         (Lemasan)
      G3  Walling, Dex   (Helvan)      Zing, Troyis       (Kll'Maun)
      G3  Amin, Rajwani  (Lemasan),    Qasir, Shah        (Ro'babzan)
      G1  Jevan, Corz    (Bhamotin),   Jezek, Gord        (Bhamotin)
      G1  Qualres, Diana (Shuikalese), Oolas, Kirz        (Katalan)
      G1  Abzyon, Wi     (Choisuan),   Xavier, Rua        (Fomorian),
      G1  Makki, Pov     (Katalan),    Matta, Kartz       (R'hiselkan)
      G4  Zenakhis, Trom (Fomorian),   Ackbar, Feli       (Chunrey)
      G4  Jozak, Mer     (Robari),     Zabel, Eti         (Artadan)
      G4  Goins, Sharmon (Teosian(,    Havirmar Havigashu (Vahearian)

         Player               Email Address            Email Status 
     Scott Adams            pnpgm at softhome.net          Working
     Marcel Liberty/Chion   kzinti_maouse at yahoo.com     Working 
     Tim Falkenberg         Malradh at yahoo.co.uk         Unknown
     Wout Broere            broere at powersandperils.org  Working
     Burton Choinski        bchoinski at attbi.com         Working
     Sergi Sallent          igresigres at yahoo.com        Working
     Alex Koponen"          akoponen at mosquitonet.com    Working
     Animals: Ventrius/Pogo Thig's dogs, Firesnake of Caladan's
              Tikil (Cholan's Ferret) (in bag)
              2 Wagon Horses, Hippogriff
     Powers & Perils Web Page - for some who might want it:
     http://abroere.xs4all.nl/broere/pnp/) or www.powersandperils.org
      Game Web Site - For updates, files, links, etc.

     Public posts/actions to pnpgm at abroere.xs4all.nl (mailing list)
     Private emails (not public actions) to pnpgm at softhome.net

     Game Update #275 in sequence (file #467)
     Admin notes:  None
     [Recap]     - None
     [New Stuff  - Current Situation]

        From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
           Oh joy. Dredging up a couple more mana points Z'leyra
           casts an EL0 Healing (Sidh) on Trembyl and coats the
           burns with balm, hoping that the others have completely
           gotten rid of the Slime so that the Slime won't cause
           more damage.

           Z'leyra cannot cast a strong enough dispel to counter
           the Slime. She doesn't have any water spells to wash it
           away. She hopes Valgor and Thig can move out of the
           slime while insubstantial. If necessary she will go
           insubstantial and fetch them then heal them. Not a move
           she is eager to do on her last dregs of mana. "Need
           strong dispel or whole lotta water. Can anyone
           insubstantially fetch Thig? If not, I will go." Said
           with a grimace.
        GM: Ack.

        From Unali: [Re: Actions]
           She will explore that one quickly and then move over
           to the west.

           As soon as she is sure these are the stair up and
           nothing more, she will run towards Aren and others,
           closing the door after her. When she reaches Aren,
           she will look him over. She will soon find out he is
           ok and she sees that Zleyra is tending to Trembyl. She
           believes there is not much she can do right now. She
           won't move south at first, but checks if all rooms to
           the west have been explored. Some door still are clsoed,
           have those been examined? (A,C,K?)

           Only when someone informs her specifically of the
           situation Thig is in, she will break her search of the
           rooms and ask: "Where is Xian? He might be able to help."
        GM: Ack.

        GM: Did some talking with Z'leyra dnd email with Unali on
          the actions so it was more here than reported.  Just a note.

        From Jordi: [Re: Actions]
           Keep on running.  Once Jordi arrives to the "critical
           area", if there is time (I doubt), he will draw his
           bow and begin to fire, first on the nearest guard,
           when he is dead or he retreats into a room, engage
           with missile fire the bodyguard, using the corner as
           cover.  We will need to clear the corridor if we want
           to have a chance to cross that pit.
        GM: Ack.


      Time: Estimated  6:48am-7:03am  - Morning Day 22

      [Level 6]

         [West Hallway - South]

           [Kaylle and Aren get their water containers they have
            and saturate the legs, thighs and feet of Trembyl.
            While Z'leyra casts a healing spell.  She knows she
            only has one chance.  If she fails the spell he'll
            likely be unrecoverable.  She also knows she can't
            do healing using her healer skill on him due to
            time constraints.  His only hope is the spell.
            She lays hands on a clear spot on his chest and
            a grayish hue emits from her hands.  At least there
            was fireworks.  She checks the pulse....]

         [East Hallway - North]

           [Unali checks the next door over and finds its the
            familiar slant of stairs.  She listens and hears
            no movement or voices....]

         [West Hallway - North]

           [Farseeker seeing Z'leyra leaves grabs the arm of
            Xian on the way.]
           Xian: "What?"
           Farseeker: "Trouble.  You didn't hear?"
           Xian: "Sorry was intrigued by the door?"
           Farseeker: "The door?  [He turns back] Neva can you
             stay here for a few minutes?  Keep your bow aimed
             at that the doors we didn't open.  We'll be right

         [North Hallway - North]

           [Triest and the others enter the main hallway and see
            Jordi and others running west.  They wonder what is 

         [West Hallway - South]

           [Z'leyra checks for a pulse and finds none. She sighs.
            She shakes her head.]
           Aren: "It was an ambush..or.."
           [Z'leyra begins to stand when she notices the lips
            part ever so slightly on Trembyl.  She checks the
            neck pulse again and finds a faint one.  It slowly
            builds up.  Yes!]

           Aren: "Is he alive?"
           [Z'leyra nods then grabs her back of healing herbs
            and burn ointment.  The ointment will help with
            the leg acid burns to some extent.]

           Kaylle: "He took massive damage it'll be a long
            while before he wakes up likely.  We may have
            to transport him down to the main cave."
            Aren: [Remembers] "Thig!"

         [North Hallway - North]

            [Jordi and others almost reach the corner and notice
             Farseeker and Xian coming this way as well. But
             both do not round the corner yet.]

            [Unali backs up to the door and re-enters the
             main hall.  She figures based on the distance and
             the wooden door and distance upwards (usually
             some 30-45 feet of the 'stairs' going up to the
             next level) that those above likely did not hear
             the warning.  She hopes...]

         [West Hallway - South]

            [Z'leyra applies ointment and with Aren helps finish
             the water cleaning.  The slime still seems to squirm
             a bit near the wall but is not moving that was
             cleaned off.  Kaylle flies to the edge of the pool
             and notices Thig.  He doesn't see Valgor.]

         [West Hallway - North]

           [Jordi's group is first to round the corner.  Then
            Farseeker and Xian.  Triest's group heads westward
            curious as to what's going on and needing a update.]

         [West Hallway - South]

           [By now at least 2 phases have gone by since Thig has
            been in contact with Valgor.  Stunned from the damage
            he tries to concentrate ignoring everything else.
            Kaylle yells to him but he ignores that, he ignores
            the slime and the guards in the distance.  He uses
            his will to move his ghostly form with Valgor in
            toe.  Weightless its still a struggle as it becomes
            a strength of will rather than physical strength.
            Valgor is clearly unconscious and can't will himself
            to move.  Kaylle hovers over the slime pool but is
            helpless.  Slowly Thig begins to move an inch...then
            a foot..then 2 feet..]

           [Two more phases..]

           [Farseeker and Jordi finally reach the group.  Aren
            quickly summarizes what happened.  Farseeker gets
            tot the edge with Kaylle]

           Farseeker: "What happens when he gets solid?"
           Kaylle: "You don't want to know.  Valgor seems
             badly damaged.  Thig may be able to avoid the
             brunt of damage but his hands will be affected."
           Farseeker: "How long before the spell ends?"
           Kaylle: "I don't know."

          [By now Thig and Valgor's ghostly forms move a few more
           feet but still got some 8 feet to go....]

          Aren: "Everyone get your water out.  We'll need it to
            bathe Valgor and get to Thig's hands."
          [Everyone that isn't doing anything does so and grabs
           their water bottles or flasks on their belts or
           pouches.  Thig continues to concentrate ignoring
           more instructions from Kaylle.  Finally they only
           have 3 feet more to go.]

          Xian: "Its a shame Trembyl is unconscious he is our
            elemental person.  He would surely know something
            about water magic."

          [Two feet...one foot..Thig finally gets beyond the
           pool and tries to move further away.  His face is
           pure exhaustion and concentration.  Valgor is
           laying flat and looks to be 'dragged'.  He is not
           moving at all.]

          Xian: "Hes not breathing!"

          [Z'leyra looks up as Xian drops his Staff and readies
           a healing spell.  Thig and Valgor make it 2 more
           feet and thig stops.  He looks up and finally his
           concentration ebbs.  In his ghostly voice he speaks.]
          Thig: "The spell is about to end.  Care to hi--"

          [Just then they both become solid.  Thig though hovering
           falls to the ground exhausted.  Valgor just quietly
           slips to the floor on his back.  The slime begins
           to move again all over his body.  It has eaten most
           of the clothing and gear if not all by now.  The
           group douses him with water and Xian leans down to
           heal as Z'leyra checks his neck.  No pulse.]

          [A weird acidic smoke fills over the body and a foul
           smelling of decaying material from clothes flesh fills
           the nostrils of most.  Xian casts his healing spell but
           it just lights up the chest.  No pulse.  He looks at
           Z'leyra.  She shakes her head and sighs.]

          Thig: "Help him!"

          [Xian sits back on his behind and pulls his knees to his
           chest.  He shakes his head.]

          Xian: "its too late.  Look at him.  He was covered.  It
            continued to burn skin.  Look at his legs his bones
            are starting to show.  Even a great healing would not
            matter.  He--"
          Thig: "No!  I can regenerate him!" [He stands]
          [Kaylle holds him back.]

          Kaylle: "Its too late.  Look at his head.  Look!"
          [Thig looks and notices his lips are gone.  His nose
           is almost gone and his eyes have burst open.  Even
           if he would live it would be no hope of a normal
           life.  Thig nods and looks down stopping.]

          Thig: "I tried to help him.  I wasn't powerful enough
            to stop the spell.  He also tried to do a spell but
            I guess he didn't have the speed to cast it fast enough."

          [Farseeker and Xian watch Thig in amazement.  They know
           Thig has always been a harsh person.  Heck he even tried
           to feed a sailor to his own dogs.  Though there was
           doubt if he actually did or not.  But to see this scene
           and the emotion they wonder if hes changed.]

          [Thig had his hands burn slightly but was able to just
           slip off his glove where he touched Valgor.

          [The boots of Trembyl's is completly destroyed and useless
           eaten from the acid.  His pants which are off him now
           are tattered but could be cut into shorts.  Valgor
           however everything on him is destroyed.  Even down to
           his chainmail is useless now.  He must've been in
           the slime for 5-10 seconds.]

          [Morale lowers especially on the diplomat side.]

          [Farseeker turns to the group after watching the slime
           and area.  By then (30 seconds after Thig/Valgor get
           solid) Triest's group gets there.  Six seconds later
           Unali arrives on the scene.  The last to see the
           site.  Xian quietly fills her and Triest's group in.]

          Thig: "Theres a priestess around the corner.  If there
            are stairs in that area she surely fled to get help."
          Kaylle: "I only see 2 guards in the distance both with
            melee weapons only.  They are waiting for us it seems.
            They are also trapped by the slime.  It seems to
            cover the entire hallway from wall to wall, north to
            south and from one wall to about 30 feet down the hall."
          Farseeker: "So how do we get there or do we just leave
            them?  If the stairs are that way then we'll need
            to get there or we could all leave now?"
          Xian: "That's it?  Just leave?  If we leave we may not
            find out if they have more fleets or bases or things
            related to their project."
          Aren: "i have a feeling we've yet to find the leaders.
            So far just guards.  This priestess is the first
            in the mountain."
          Thig: "She is powerful.  This slime pit is still going on."
          Kaylle: "I've read about slime used during warfare.  A
            powerful spell like she seems to have used could last
            for more than two days!"
          Farseeker: "Two days?  We don't have time for that long.
            By then the prison will be found out and surely they'll
            come here and send for reinforcements."

          Xian: "Well Thig and Kaylle could fly there.  I'm sure
            some of us might have teleport spells.  But we'd
            have to pick who goes.  I could teleport.  We
            could go non-solid and walk through but duration of
            the spell could be critical.  The slime is large.
            Caladan, Chion, Jordi, and Z'leyra could have options
            as well.  But we don't know if the priestess is still
            there and what other powers she has."

           Farseeker: "Some of us need to return north to the
             tunnel west.  Theres at least one guy still locked
             up inside one room.  Theres three doors still
             unchecked in that area."

           Kaylle: "I believe the east side is all explored."

           Xian: "Oh!  One door up there has a gem inset into the
             door.  I need to inspect it further.  But I recognize
             the style.  Its my brother's, Timon, usual setup.
             Its unpickable and tends to reinforce the door.  But
             I may have a way to enter."
           Farseeker: "So that confirms he is here then?"
           Xian: "Likely."

           Suresh: "Your brother?"
           Xian: "Long story."

           Kaylle: "If we found offices to the north then it could
             be assumed that if the priestess is here that their
             offices are in this hallway here.  Which means
             they could have important information."

           Thig: "She did have a bodyguard with a arbalest and
             another guard exit that far room.  That was the only
             missile weapon I saw."

    Actions? Comments?
    Next update Monday...

    Level 6 - 
      [Right -
       Jordi, Unali, Chion, Caladan, Suresh, Kaylle, 
      [Left -
       Farseeker, Z'leyra, Xian, Thig, Aren, Valgor, Neva
    Main cave - Spaar, Qorz, Marta, Talz, Females (2) [Level 2]
    Level 6 Enrance - Triest, Amin, Dex, Wi, Kasha, Ris, Shah

Level 6 - Office Level

              1         2         3         4         5         6
   B|%    % B  %    %  D %  E %  F %  G %  H %  I %% U*%%%%%%%%%%|
   C|%    %    %    %    %    %    %    %    %    %%  %%%%%%%%%%%|
   E|%      Ng                                         [ Rm. %%%%|
   F|%%%=%%%%%%=%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%=%%%%%%=%%%=%%%%%% % %%%  V  %%%%|
   G|%                  % %%          % % Room P % % %%%     %%%%|
   H|%                  %A%% Room L   %g% Off.   % %=%%%%%%%%%%%%|
   I|%                  %B%% Messhall %g%  Lounge% % Rm. %%%%%%%%|
   J|%%%%%%%%%%%%%%=%%%%%C%%          % %%%%%%%%%% %  T  %%%%%%%%|
   K|%%  1    G  :::::::::%%          % %%       % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
   L|%%%%=%%%%%%%%=%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%=%% %        % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
   M|%                  /|\    %%%%%    %%   Q   % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%|
   N|%               Door Gone %%W   %%  [       % [ Rm. %%%%%%%%|
   O|%                         %%%%*%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%  S  %%%%%%%%|

        Normal scale = each row = 20 feet.  Each column = 5 feet
        B,D-H = Small Offices        P = Officer Lounge
        L   = Messhall               S = Officer Latrine
        Q   = Priestess Lounge       T = Priestess Latrine
        W   = Stairs down to 5       V = Sentry post
        g   = Knocked out guard      U = Stairs to level 7
       A, B, C = on map  [H,I,J21] are the entire location of
        the party: Unali, Jordi, Chion, Caladan, Suresh, Kaylle,
        Farseeker, Z'leyra, Xian, Neva, Thig, Aren, Trembyl, Valgor,
        and more including Triest's group.
        Everyone on roster except those in main cave and Neva.
       N = Neva [E8]
       1 = 1 guard  [Priestess/Bodgyard in room]
       G = Alive guard      [K10]
       : = Slime area on map 

     Unfournately I tried everything as a GM to help Valgor.  But
     there was nothing I could do.  He already had a light 5 point
     wound.  From 22 he was down to 17.  At that point from the
     slime he took over 27 points.  With only a -3 DTV.  He would
     have needed 15-20 points of healing instantly to even attempt
     to help but he was dead when he hit the ground sadly.  Our
     first character class player gone.  He just was only one
     phase from survival by casting a insubstantial spell but his
     casting speed wasn't high enough.  Just one phase...:<

     At this point there are two areas left.  The three doors to
     the North-West.  The south tunnel with the slime.  At this
     point only Unali knows of the true stair location.  

     BTW, if anyone looks the door at L21 across from where the
     party is now is completely gone.  The slime has eaten
     the door and it feel into the room.  It was covered by
     slime which entered the room. It seems to have moved in (the
     slime) about 15 feet or half the room.  OPn the far side of
     the room across the hall is a desk and a bookcase behind it.

     For those seeing it it may be that the other doors near the
     slime would be in the same shape.  

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