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The document on Magic Laws is a great place to use for background.
Good luck.
Good question.
To me such items like David said should have 
inherent issues.  A 6d10 FB is what..(not looking 
at rules but 60' wide?) I forget.
That'll nuke a room.
So using that in friendly fire is a issue.

At 11:27 AM 7/1/2021, you wrote:
>David, Thanks for the insight.  The named item I 
>rolled up is very powerful. It got the Fire 
>Powers family of spells. So, it’s capable of 
>casting a 6d10 fireball spell! With your 
>insight, I think I can craft a good history and 
>a substantial liability that won’t overbalance 
>a game. Thanks! Floyd > On Jul 1, 2021, at 10:00 
>AM, David Sanders <dasandersx at comcast.net> 
>wrote: > > Floyd, > > It’s a very good 
>question.  When crafting a magic item with 
>ensorcellment, giving it a Power, typically the 
>Permanent Magic spell provides enough mana to 
>work a few times a day.  With Named items, which 
>should always be created with a significant 
>liability, there are other options.  Usually, if 
>the item needs mana and the character has none, 
>it starts draining energy level.  With this 
>magic system in PnP, mana and energy level are 
>tied together. > > A lot depends on how the item 
>is created and the perverse nature of your 
>GM.  I would tell a player making such an item 
>to provide the steps used and then, when the 
>item is finished, eventually tell them what they 
>actually created. > > Items like this have the 
>ability to totally unbalance a game, so a GM 
>should be mighty careful introducing them to a 
>campaign.  And the players should be mighty 
>careful in using it. > > Dave > > Sent from my 
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>item has one or more powers, where are the mana 
>points expended from to cast the spell? From the 
>user of the item? I recently rolled up a named 
>item which was plate armor. Mostly likely, a 
>non-magic user would wear this so the character 
>wouldn?t have a lot of mana. >> >> Thanks! >> 
>Floyd >> >> >> 
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