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It’s a very good question.  When crafting a magic item with ensorcellment, giving it a Power, typically the Permanent Magic spell provides enough mana to work a few times a day.  With Named items, which should always be created with a significant liability, there are other options.  Usually, if the item needs mana and the character has none, it starts draining energy level.  With this magic system in PnP, mana and energy level are tied together.

A lot depends on how the item is created and the perverse nature of your GM.  I would tell a player making such an item to provide the steps used and then, when the item is finished, eventually tell them what they actually created.

Items like this have the ability to totally unbalance a game, so a GM should be mighty careful introducing them to a campaign.  And the players should be mighty careful in using it.


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> When a magic item has one or more powers, where are the mana points expended from to cast the spell? From the user of the item? I recently rolled up a named item which was plate armor. Mostly likely, a non-magic user would wear this so the character wouldn?t have a lot of mana.
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