[PnP] PBEM Future / New/Old Welcome

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Mon Feb 8 04:18:07 CET 2021

Time flies.  21 years and 8 adventures.  Now we are at end of #8 so 
figured I'd post to see if any interested in a join of game or just 
to vote on what
you want me to do next. ....so here is the snippet from my posts...

Now future of pbem!  We started in 1999 so over 20 years.  8 
Adventures.  As I get older complex stuff (huge character sheets, 
etc) become more complex.  Naturally. The days of 3 updates a week 
are gone.  I'm more rare to have 2.
So what do we do now?

I did throw it out it could be our last adventure.  But I'll see what 
you guys want.

I have updated the Futadv.txt link on website at very bottom/links.
I list 20 options.  You can read it  for details and vote.
Its been 5 years since updated the file. :)

I included a link/file above this link ogames.txt that shows what 
other game systems I run.  I'd love to run any of those games.  Some
are (well actually all) are less complex than pnp.  Some have as 
little as 4 stats period.  That's the character sheet.
Some have rules that are only a few pages easy to scan in.  Some use 
simple sheets so no need for 800 items on sheet.
As an idea to reference that option. :)

Once you review these I have a Straw Poll up

It has the same options in the file.
I BELIEVE it is allowed to do more than 1 vote for 2+ options.  But not tested.
If you want 1 vote just vote here.  Or let me know what you want as 
outlined in futadv.txt

My site for those link.s


Wout : Discord you may wanna see talk about Initial increase 
wording.  If wanna tweak.

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