[PnP] Merry Xmas!

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Nov 26 06:27:11 CET 2020

In tradition that Wout did I have a early Xmas present!

This Potions project was suggested by David S in 2018.
v1 was 80 done but pc crash lost that.
So this is v2.

Ever want potoins in pnp?
Need  healing potions?
Why is it in treasure but not fleshed out?

Here ya go!

The file can be downloaded as a whole from Discord.
Keep in mind this is a simple text file so use notepad.
A word processor may format it wrong.

I hope this is good for you guys!
Up for peer review, comments.
Here or in discord.
If it seems after a month Wout cna add to site if no new major 
changes next year.

There are 118 potions!

For list for ease of reading I split it up into sections..

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