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Thanks for good comments.
Any comments on the mechanics I mentioned in first post?
Ie how to affect EL changes in books and such?

At 05:14 PM 3/11/2019, you wrote:
>To my mind, a student will write down a spell as it is taught to 
>him/her, but only one spell to a page. As time passses & mage gains 
>experience, they will want space to jot down notes of observations, 
>cautions & unexpeted side effects - to prevent a future 
>disaster/mistake. That seems only logical to me (But, I am born 
>under the sign of Virgo, so  logic is useful to me - lol) If spell 
>is complicated, student should leave at least one blank page before 
>writing down next spell, for possible future notes. If a type of 
>magic discipline that doesn't usually write down spells, the 
>mage/shaman-whatever might still make written notes of observations 
>made over time. After all, how better to teach your own apprentices? 
>Learn from your mistakes & try not to get distracted during a 
>casting. Notes for emergency saving techniques might be added as 
>footnotes to spells or spell classes. If want to keep information 
>secret, the mage will probably develop his/her own shorthand, or use 
>the more esoteric supernatural languages to keep curious eyes at a 
>minimum. Bess L. Hadley 
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