[PnP] pnp Digest - Vol 145; suggested Issue 2: Expertise rules

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Wed Jan 9 00:59:07 CET 2019

You are wrong...oh wait..:)
Your right.  Plus with book its 3 points.
Hours really not a factor.  But should be at least 8 hours as you list.
As to dragons I like recent Merln show err..not NBC one the one on Syfy.
That dragon was helpful.
Was good.

At 04:17 AM 1/8/2019, you wrote:
>Hello members,
>I need some information/verification about the amount of expertise 
>points (both magical & combat)  that could/can be gained with one 
>month of training time. This concerns the 3rd volume of my P&P book 
>trilogy that I'm currently writing. There is a one-month time break 
>between volumes two & three, which is used by our heroes for 
>research (by Scholars mainly) & training by all. Skills worked at 
>involve learning/improving a language, various job & combat skills, 
>and magical training with a teacher. All magical training is with a 
>teacher, the other skills vary as to whether an instructor available or not.
>Here is my question that I need information from you folks about:
>How many expertise points can one earn in 30 days of 
>training/study/practice? I am figuring 8 hours/day, 5 days/week of 
>training - that's a total of 40hours/week x 4 weeks = 20 days (160 
>hours) to gain expertise points. That would mean 1 expertise 
>point/day, or two points under a teacher. Is that all I need to know 
>to add the points to the skills I want improved? (I will split those 
>points as needed for each PC.)
>I think I just answered my own question - LMAO!
>Anyway, if you have additional suggestions, or disagree with my 
>summary above, would you please note it here for me? (If it 
>interests anyone - lol)
>I follow game rules closely, although I do allow myself an author's 
>creative license. I have been keeping my characters' experience 
>points up-to-date through book 2, so just need to add in the extra 
>skill points for the start of book 3's initial contacts involving 
>combat or magic.
>Thank you so much for your support & experience! It has meant a lot 
>to me since I started this project.
>P.S.: My 3rd book involves dragons (plural). And a hint to you all - 
>I have always liked books with friendly dragons. So don't think I'm 
>stodgy about all this - I want to have fun; that's why I'm writing 
>these stories.
>Bess L. Hadley
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