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I just thought it was neat item.  Very Bond Q level stuff.
Blood magic - None in pnp per se.  Its like 
needing hair or blood to tie say a Tracking spell to a item.
MEL19 wow.  that's higher than folks in party. ;)
I'd lower it by 5-6.
As to badge goign to HQ a simple series of teleports is possible.
How about before it gets sent after X days.
It TPs to next superior or associate?
Say Agent has 4 in team.  Agent gets kidnapped 
for 3 days.  Badge goes ot head of party.
It can thorugh magic (tracking, etc.) lead party to Agent.
If no asosciates then his boss/station head.
If not then HQ.
Also maybe have Badge send reports to HQ.
It could store a very brief report and use Sending or Mana Powers to send it.
Issue is range for sending.
I got around this for ....ahh..someone and i'll keep that private for now.
John our Priest is a good source of that 
topic.  He has a good grasp at times even better than me.
You can contact him for ideas.
As to Hasbro I'd send a certified letter.  So they have to sign for it.
Advised final attempt to contact.  if no contact in X days (say 90)
then will pubilsh as is.  Fully.   No edits.
Frankly i doubt they care.
In the end magic is not mechanical.  We in pnp love the magic.
But for you the author use license.  Who cares how it was made. :)
90% readers wonlt.
10% of us who read and know pnp will but you are working for a larger audience.

At 04:26 PM 1/7/2019, you wrote:
>lol - I made it by soaking my mind in P&P, using 
>a writer's creative license. However, you made 
>many good points. So, here is my thinking 
>concerning the making/structure of the badge's 
>magic: Ward to detect Owner: a ward of 
>recognition/permission to carry/use that 
>prevents non-owner magics from triggering (I 
>will have to read up on blood magics, if can 
>find where the info is) New Owner transfer: An 
>additional ward triggered by loss of contact 
>with Owner due to recognizing loss of life, or 
>mentally-stated trigger word given by original 
>Owner. This designated new owner has already 
>been 'shown' to the badge (a mental image made 
>while watching that person talking). This ward 
>is strong enough for 2 uses; the badge must then 
>be replaced with a new one, as it won't 
>recognize further Owner transfers. New Owners 
>are supposed to return to HQ to have badge 
>turned in & receive their own new badge asap. 
>Since agents carrying these badges are 
>often  far from home, enough magical energy was 
>used in its creation to allow the time to get 
>back home. It seems to me that there would also 
>be a homing spell on the badge that's triggered 
>by the loss of the two Owner renewals; it will 
>eventually, seemingly by accident return to HQ. 
>HQ is notified of a badge's Owner change by a 
>mana spell of Communication - a 5-word phrase. 
>the badge seeks the closest qualified person, if 
>out of range of HQ. ALL members of this 
>organization have taken a solemn oath to serve 
>their Queen & agree to send this message through 
>the Temple of Potah, so the message may be 
>received by an member agent (as a mental picture 
>of the old & new Owners) or the closest Temple 
>of Potah. [This was definitely author's literary 
>freedom - lol, but all the suggestions made are 
>appreciated, as I need to learn more about 
>magic, anyway] Goes rusty/dead on unuse by 
>non-owner: an Illusion spell that is permanent 
>until new Owner can be recognized, &/or it gets 
>itself returned to HQ by devious homing-spell 
>means. There is also a small transmutation spell 
>attached (the feeling by touch of rust's 
>roughness) that will fade when badge retrieved 
>by Owner. Glows to show Owner when being held: 
>Ward activated by Owner's active use of badge. 
>My feeling is that the amount of magics in one 
>of these badges almost, but not quite, makes it 
>semi-intelligent or semi-aware. Making one uses 
>the magics that can only be bought by a Queen & 
>the high-ranking priests involved in the solemn 
>oath-taking of the secret society involved. [You 
>can see I used literary license, but really 
>wanted it based upon P&P world. I have not been 
>able to keep up on all the changes in spells 
>presented, especially with priests, witches etc, 
>but studied what I could find for the NPC 
>magic-users. For example, in Book 2 of my 
>trilogy, I created a 51-year old priest for the 
>Temple of Potah, a Mashmasha Kah (Rank 8), 
>called a Masha Mah, who is  MnL 19/MEL 9, whom 
>our heroes meet during teh crisis of the book. 
>He (after all others have left the area), 
>secretly summons one of his superiors who has 
>the spell knowledge needed to solve the problems 
>the heroes have now left to them. Between the 
>two priests, spells of a similar strength to the 
>badge are able to be performed in a most holy 
>environment, created by their devotion to their 
>god &, secondarily to their nation's Queen, a 
>good ruler.] Sorry the books aren't available 
>unless I send a copy, but can't sell them that 
>way - at least until I figure out a way that I 
>can afford. I need some way to get the books 
>published - Hasbro is unresponsive so far. If I 
>leave a picture of the official map(s) out of 
>the book, I might be okay - but not sure. 
>Trying, at intervals, to find out more. Bess L. 
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>Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"; 
>format=flowed We don't need no stinkin' badges! 
>Bess I'm reading your book. Good stuff so far. 
>Your magical badge intrigues me!  As a good 
>topic here. If you wish to share. How do you 
>handle it? -Â  Â Â Â  Ward to detect owner. Â 
>Â  Probably using blood magic. Ward. Detection 
>spell. - New owner transfer. Telepathic Power 
>probably mind Read, Shell Ward?  A unused Ward 
>that activates fr new owner? Takes picture - 
>Illusion?  Detection. Notify Society - 
>Sending  yet this range is very short range so 
>I find this hard. Â Â  So probably a mana powers 
>spell - like Kiet uses. - Goes Rusty/dead on 
>unuse by non owner Transmutate? Ward.  Illusion 
>probably. - Glows to show owner holdng it. 
>Illusion or light power? Ward. Interesting 
>magical item. I know for dramatic book reasons 
>the mechanics are vague. But curious. ;) Â Â 
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>  Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8" No 
>fair talking about your private stories in 
>public. Now I really want to read the book and 
>find out what your talking about. :P?--- It is 
>with books as with the fire in our hearths; we 
>go to a neighbor to get the embers and light it 
>when we return home, pass it on to others, and 
>it belongs to everyone. Â  Â  Â  From: Scott 
>Adams <longshotgm at comcast.net> Â  To: 
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>January 6, 2019 8:17 PM Â  Subject: [PnP] Badge 
>Â Â  We don't need no stinkin' badges! Bess I'm 
>reading your book. Good stuff so far. Your 
>magical badge intrigues me!? As a good topic 
>here. If you wish to share. How do you handle 
>it? -? ??? Ward to detect owner. ? Probably 
>using blood magic. Ward. Detection spell. - New 
>owner transfer. Telepathic Power probably mind 
>Read, Shell Ward?? A unused Ward that activates 
>fr new owner? Takes picture - Illusion?? 
>Detection. Notify Society - Sending? yet this 
>range is very short range so I find this hard. ? 
>So probably a mana powers spell - like Kiet 
>uses. - Goes Rusty/dead on unuse by non owner 
>Transmutate? Ward.? Illusion probably. - Glows 
>to show owner holdng it. Illusion or light 
>power? Ward. Interesting magical item. I know 
>for dramatic book reasons the mechanics are 
>vague. But curious. ;) ??? 
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