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She only gave a copy as a favor fortips. I suspect if she can get it 
published she'll have folks from her buying many.

Kinda funny my pbem i could write 8 novels from amount of material I've done.
1 Update typically 500-1k lines.  Whoa this update is 1892 words and 
I'm only partially done.
Let's figure 500-1k words so let's average 750 words on average.
Clearly some could go as high as 3k words.

1 Adventure
500-1500 updates.
So we'll average is 750?
So 562k words?
As much as 3 million per adventure.
Is that a book? :)

Google says

Whoa so even on average I do 4 novels per adventure?
Times 8 so 32 books?

ugh..now I feel tired. :)

 >Can I get in on the reading of Bess' book?

 >Take care,

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