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Good ideas.
The ifdea of eL variance is good.
So maybe (EL+1) (or just eL atributes could be iIDed....

At 03:20 PM 4/20/2019, David Sanders wrote:
>You could always use the MDV of the item to 
>resist intrusion.  Significant items would be 
>difficult to succeed against.  Failure means you 
>can’t figure out that particular 
>attribute.  Abysmal failure would mean you were 
>done trying to figure out anything else about 
>the item.  Also, normally you have to detect for 
>some specific thing...maybe limit the amount of 
>info per cast even when touching the item and 
>trying for the more in-depth nature. If the item 
>has a definitive alignment, or intelligence, it 
>might also try harder to resist ( or help) 
>inspection.  Depends on the caster.  A lawful, 
>intelligent sword would resist efforts by 
>balance, chaos, etc.  but maybe practically beg 
>to leap into the hands of a fellow law being. 
>Another option...use the item EL as an immunity 
>vs detection.  I love that idea...evil love, 
>that is.  I may have to include that in my magic 
>item creations... Sent from my iPad > On Apr 20, 
>2019, at 3:00 AM, 
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>Perception. > > It seems this ability is cheap. 
>No diff for ELs. > Does anyone use a variant? > 
>Say only % of info is gained base don EL. > So 
>EL%.  So EL0 newbie woud not use it for items. > 
>EL5 might get 50% of the info an dGM decides 
>what? > or maybe a mana cost say 2 or 3x normal 
>cost? > > > > > > > 
>DETECTION                       General > 
>The spell allows the Caster to detect for a 
>specific class > of thing. Success tells him 
>something of that type is present and > gives a 
>general direction. Failure indicates something 
>is present > but no direction is given. Abysmal 
>Failure yields nothing. >      Detection may be 
>used to analyze a specific object the > Caster 
>is touching. In this case, the Spell informs the 
>Caster of > any magical value and the basic type 
>of magic. Failure does not > yield the type, 
>i.e. alignment. Abysmal Failure yields 
>nothing. > The Referee may give the Caster other 
>information from its > successful use at his 
>discretion. Whether he does or not is up to > 
>him. If the item is magical the Referee may use 
>its MDV in > defense against detection if he 
>feels it is appropriate to do so. > RANGE > 
>(EL+1)*2" > BMC > 1 > > > > > 
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