[PnP] Detectoin...

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sat Apr 20 02:56:49 CEST 2019

Re: Item Study like Perception.

It seems this ability is cheap. No diff for ELs.
Does anyone use a variant?
Say only % of info is gained base don EL.
So EL%.  So EL0 newbie woud not use it for items.
EL5 might get 50% of the info an dGM decides what?
or maybe a mana cost say 2 or 3x normal cost?

DETECTION                       General
      The spell allows the Caster to detect for a specific class
of thing. Success tells him something of that type is present and
gives a general direction. Failure indicates something is present
but no direction is given. Abysmal Failure yields nothing.
      Detection may be used to analyze a specific object the
Caster is touching. In this case, the Spell informs the Caster of
any magical value and the basic type of magic. Failure does not
yield the type, i.e. alignment. Abysmal Failure yields nothing.
The Referee may give the Caster other information from its
successful use at his discretion. Whether he does or not is up to
him. If the item is magical the Referee may use its MDV in
defense against detection if he feels it is appropriate to do so.

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