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Yeah site is back up now.
Very good points.  I run the Moorcock systems 
Elric and such.  That's exactly how i was thinking it as well.
If one assumes a direct link then no restrictions.
If there is a muddled connection via interference 
or distance then reductions are possible.
One could assume like communications gear in 
scifi.  short 2 word burst get through ECM or such but
long speeches do not.  Same with magic power.
Thanks food for thought.

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>>I think that some of the gods reside in the 
>>upper world, and some in the lower.  For 
>>instance, Kototh and his ilk are lower world, 
>>as are the Elder races...which include 
>>elves...and dwarves...and a pile of 
>>others.  Alfar, for instance, can be in any of 
>>the Three Worlds.  So can humans...which is why 
>>the gods might use humans, more often than other races, for their dirty work.
>>The best information from the game concerning 
>>the Three Worlds is in Book Three of the 
>>original rules.  It doesn’t really discuss the gods themselves.
>>Certainly the gods may exist on the other 
>>'planes', but one could also expect they would 
>>be at considerable risk.  For instance, several 
>>gods are being held captive away from their own 
>>planes...and are near helpless in those places.
>>As for their magic...hmmm...Normally in stories 
>>the farther away from the gods the less 
>>influence and power they have.  Think 
>>Moorcock's books...there are planes where their 
>>power just isn’t much...sometimes it’s 
>>absent.  However...it might not need to be 
>>adjusted.  Certainly the 'home' residents will 
>>be stronger than they are in the Middle World, 
>>many of them 2x size.  This alone makes the 
>>magic of intruders "lesser".  You could always 
>>make a sliding scale...BMC's of 1 or 2 might be 
>>unaffected...higher BMC's, I.e. more powerful 
>>spells, might get reduced...this would make 
>>some sense.  Easy for the gods to send low 
>>power stuff...more difficulty with the heavy hitting.
>>In the Moorcock books, even with Elric and 
>>Stormbringer, there were times when Stombringer 
>>was just a sword, and restricted from its nastier talents...and benefits.
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>>>>On 22-08-18 03:47, Scott Adams wrote:
>>>>So I have theories on LW.? Since I've not really played there.
>>>>How would magic really work?
>>>>I see the True World as layers.
>>>>So gods can 'see' MW.? MW folks can 'pray' to UW.
>>>>But since LW is 2 layers down do god srelaly have a connection?
>>>>In MW I see it as a download power from the gods.
>>>>But if they can't download directly to LW how does it work?
>>>>Would it be kind of delayed or affected?
>>>>To me I don't see much ir any gods should have direct access to LW form UW.
>>>>I'm trying ot build a working idea of these things.
>>>>So welcome comments.
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