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This looks like it might have been posted to the wrong place...but I’ll answer anyway...

I would say that the perm magic spell must be greater than or equal to the 'action' spell put into an item.  Any attempt to do otherwise would be an automatic abysmal failure.  Then I would use the table as is, except the '15-25' range would be that 'something bad'.  Item melts down, explodes, invites an avenging force to attack the impertinent mage, etc.

Remember...the spells come from higher powers.  Misusing that power, or being greedy and thinking you can get away with more than you ought, should be punished somehow.

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> p.295-296 Good Guys by Steven Brust
> "...I mean, if I can set it up ahead of time, like a thing that just
> happens, I can spend some time putting extra power into it, like an
> artifact."
>   Donovan studied her face; there was something she wasn't saying. "Is
> there a downside to that?"
>   "Well, I need to stuff a lot of power into it. You know what happens
> when your ability to stuff power into an artifact exceeds your ability to
> prepare the artifact to contain it?"
>   "Let me guess--something not good?"
>   "Right."
>  So for doing a permanent magic ensorcelment one should be casting the
> ensorcelment at an EL that is the same or higher than the EL of the
> attached spell to be ensorcelled into the object. Attempting to put a
> higher EL subject spell into the object prepared by a lower ensorcellment
> spell is likely to not only not work well but to have 'unfortunate' affects.
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