[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 142, Issue 3

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Mon Oct 16 02:32:40 CEST 2017

 >The rounding two different ways is for a reason.  In the round up
 >method, Richard's Way, it's usually to provide the player with some
 >benefit in the beginning.  With spells, often it's so that there is
 >no 'dead zone' with the spell such that for one or two EL's it virtually
 >doesn't do anything.  Why would a Mage even bother casting a spell that
 >does nothing?

 >The round downs are intended to be restrictive.  They are usually
 >there to encourage a player to strive higher in order to gain an
 >important improvement.

See I like your POV.  IT does help the newbies.  I just remember
months in this list with Richard talking about it.  I guess he
didn't explain it well enough or I was too brain dead. :)

But yeah I always use my 'new' math or is it the old new math
or the old old math?  From '80s.  :)

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