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David Sanders dasandersx at comcast.net
Wed Nov 22 16:57:13 CET 2017

Well, first of all, I would make a requirement that the priest spend the time necessary to learn the new specialty. its not like they suddenly know all this new stuff.  They have to be trained.  And they have to find someone to train them.

I don't understand the rules for Priests very well.  But, if a new specialty is learned, why assume it's at the full level?  Shouldn't the spells and such require learning like everything else?  And are they not advanced individually like all magic spells?

Just because their Druid rank is 6 doesn't mean their Ba'Ru rank is 6.  It's an individual specialty and really needs to be treated as such.  Sure, the Priests MEL is for the rank 6, but after starting as a priest, he still needs to grow his expertise and EL's.  His only real benefit from his past should be that his current controlling attribute (Will?) is used to determine his starting Rank.  

Personal opinion.

Everybody would still treat the character like a Rank 6 Priest...but his starting point should be lower than Rank=EL

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> This promotoin thing for magic seems wacked.
> So rank 6 poof druid gets 3rd speciality.
> So let's say Baru.
> So Under BAru get starting el of RANK or max
> So instantly el6?
> I can see this for starting pcs.
> But for ongoing pcs seems wacked.
> Not logical.

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