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I have making a list of problems in the P&P version 2 rule book as I've been making my P&P homebrew wiki.

Here is the first two chapters:

First of all Powers and Perils has 'dwarfs' not 'dwarves'

page 1 "CEP Combat Experience Points(s)" 

page 10 Table 2.7: Age Table column Roll "82-88" and "88-93"

page 12 "Expertise Poins Expertise points are spent to gain any skill listed in §3 or to meet the expertise requirement to learn a Magic Path"

page 14 Roll 56 "You have no idea where you got it or what ot is worth" Should be 

page 14 Roll 33 "Special Attribute", Roll 44 "Special Attribute", Roll 66 "Special Attribute." and Roll 77 "Special Attribute." The period at the end should be used or not, consistently.

page 15 "Making it allows him to wait WB×3 turns before acting." 'WB' isn't listed in "1.2 Abbreviations Used" and is not explained anywhere on the page/

page 16 Table 2.15: Special Attributes, Roll 33+34 "Supernatural Power, Lower." shouldn't be a period at the end.

page 16 Table 2.15: Special Attributes, "Mental invulnerability" should be Roll 98

page 17 Roll 71 "Referee will roll 1D6+14 on the Map Table for it’s value." should be 'its value'

page 17 "It also grants the ability to communicate with animals that spend a majority of their time in the earth (moles, shrews, etc." missing closing ')'

page 19 "C) Natural Magicians recover expended Mana at a faster rate than normal. When resting he adds MEL×2. At other times he recovers (W+Em)/5 + MEL/3,
rounded down. (See 2.4.11)" should be '§2.4.11'

page 20 "The energy cost to use this power for EL+1 hours equals the master’s EL+1." Isn't this just a long winded way of saying it uses 1 energy per hour?

page 20 "EXAMPLE — The Character rolled a 7 but must increase by 10 to reach 16. His Native Agility is 16 after it is modified by this Special Attribute. The starting Current Ability of the Character, in Agility, equals his Natice Ability of 16 increased by 7, i.e. 23 before any characteristic points are applied to it." This whole emaplesi bold unlike the other examples sofar in the book.

page 20 "The starting Current Ability of the Character, in Agility, equals his Natice Ability of 16 increased by 7, i.e." sould be 'Native Ability'

page 20 Supernatural Will, "Characters that have this attribute also have the evil eye if their rating is 11." What rating are you refering to and does it have to be exactly 11?

page 20 Supernatural Will, "People with this talent are considered to be Natural Magicians for all Shamanic Magics if trained as a Shaman, and are Natural Magicians if trained as a Druid or Priest (with the exception of Mashmashu, Kalu, Qadisthu and Bards)," Should in with a '.' not a ','.

page 21 "A player who chooses to risk this option rolls 1D3 on the talented table and the liability table for each, i.e. if the result is a 2 he rolls twice for talent and twice for liability." should be "...rolls 1D3 times on the talented table..."

page 21 "His ELis +5 with Bastard Sword and +2 with Broadsword and Great Sword." Should be 'EL is'

page 22 "It also applies at 1/2 value, roundedn up, for Eroticist." should be 'rounded'

page 23 " These are the basic values that are used in combat as deescribed in Chapter 8." should be 'described'

page 24 "When a wound is suffered that leaves the character with an HPV value less than one, a roll is taken on the Death Table."  There is no Death Table

page 29 Table 2.26: Skills for Civilized Human Characters, station 0 "A non-combat skill with a Cost to Learn of ten or less or 10 partial expertise points towards an an apprenticeship ..." Should only be one an

page 29 Table 2.26: Skills for Civilized Human Characters, station 4 "Three skills with a Cost to Learn of forthy or less." should be 'forty'

page 30 "The metal items that they make are made of alloys that do not contain any Iron watsoever." should be 'whatsoever'


page 89 The formula for the Duration of Unconsciousness is "(100-Stamina)+(Actual Damage×10) turns" but the math is the example is " (100-30)+(2×2), 74 turns"
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