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Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Jan 31 22:02:56 CET 2017

Hah! I will PAY to see that binding.  Would be a fun session.  'come 
here and stay in this sword please mister?'  Course the new SDs woudl 
be easy.  But the classic SD v1 would just slaughter all around. 
:)  So I'd love to see how many die making this item. :)

We did a Tree of Souls (my first) using v2 SDs.  Tame But if it was 
v1 I know party woud've just fled in terror.

At 11:44 PM 1/26/2017, you wrote:
>As I think on it, a Soul Daiva bound into a dagger would make a 
>perfect classical sacrificial dagger. Every point of damage done to 
>the bound victim becomes stored energy for fueling spells. Really 
>big spells require multiple sacrifices.
>Mind you, I'm not recommending this for the good guys, but as 
>something the evil priests and necromancers they're going up against 
>might use.
> >
> >Actually, that's exactly how it's done. Last paragraph of the Soul 
> Daiva page 51 of Book 3. But it's energy it drains, equal to the 
> damage done. Converting it to hits would simply require a Healing 
> spell added to the sword, with a Ward Pact to cast it whenever 
> there is any absorbed energy. That will keep the bearer healed up 
> while he has opponents to damage.
> >
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