[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 135, Issue 1

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Thu Jan 5 00:17:03 CET 2017

 >By definition, an avatar is an incarnation or physical manifestation
 >of the god.

Yep,.  But new folks new to game may need a few words on it in teh
file.  So Wout and us can sit down and figure that out if need be.
Like is it a temp possession or unconscious one or does he have
powers through the gods, etc.

 >One of your current characters is technically an avatar...though he
 >may not call himself that.

Arawn?  Well in my view not really.  But it could be argued.

 >Personally, I think the whole special events thing needs re-worked.
 >Eliminate the bad, negative items, and make them all beneficial, even
 >if only small items such as a few BB's, and have a special table for
 >the 'stronger' powers. PC's are already powerful.  Adding innate powers
 >and other stuff makes them superpowered, and should come with some
 >divine force both supporting them and one working against them.  For
 >instance, given supernatural strength...it comes from somewhere...
 >supernatural...and the diametric force against it will likely react.

Well Farseeker is only one to have such Agility.  There is background
on that as well.  But I like the table.  Have you seen the v2 stuff?
Wout revamped them a bit.  I like for balance the bad stuff with good.
I think I like the risk.  A limp or a missing eye.  To me that's
more a challenge to role play than a guy with super powers.  So i
appreciate teh bad stuff.  It does ay optional to take the risk.
Why I liked Fantasy Hero or Gurps for the liabiltiies.
Makes fun games.

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