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Again this is obvious.
But can use the 80 item for hour 1
then in hour 2 the 50 assuming daily limits.
thus could get the 130.  This is why I was asking 
others how they dealt with it.

At 09:17 PM 12/27/2017, you wrote:
>Well, you can't use them at the same time, so 
>only one can be boosting your Casting Ability at 
>a time.It's not 130 (80+50), it's 80 OR 50, 
>depending on which is being used at the time. 
>The only way to get 130 would be to use them 
>both at once. If it isn't being used,it isn't adding to casting ability.
>Once you've overcast by 50 in a day, the wand 
>won't help anymore,so there's no point in using it, just the staff.
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>Yeah its obvious can't use both staff and wand 
>at exact same time.  But let's say
>staff boosts 80 and wand 50. So technically 
>130.  So my question was is it just the 80 (biggest) pr 130
>assuming normal daily limits.
>To all others: Eastern Lands how far do you 
>place these lands away from Western Lands? Is it 
>due east of Lemasa or a bit SE?
>Just curoius been reading up on EL lately.
>Final warning: My pbem rpg will be starting 
>1/1.  Can still join what could be the last adventure after 20 years!
>At 05:03 PM 12/21/2017, you wrote:
>>I would say that multiple items don't add. Just 
>>use the one that adds the most.
>>On Wed, Dec 20, 2017 at 9:05 PM, Thomas O. 
>>Magann Jr. <<mailto:tmagann at earthlink.net>tmagann at earthlink.net> wrote:
>>Use both,sure. But track how much you've 
>>exceeded your casting ability by (for Feature 
>>A). Multiple items don't add, they allow a 
>>fixed amount of excess casting. If you've 
>>already exceeded that level, you need a 
>>stronger item. Higher level, or staff over wand. Or both.
>>You can only use one at a time, f course, so 
>>Feature B, boosting success chances, is limited 
>>to whatever you have at hand, and can be used as long as you can still cast.
>>Feature C, if it applies, lets you change 
>>between what you have for any item spell you 
>>have that you can't cast yourself...again, 
>>assuming Feature A still works for you.
>>And, of course, the smart Enchanter adds a Mana 
>>Storage Ensorcellment to all his favorite 
>>staves and wands, so you can swap between them 
>>to tap stored mana as needed, but, again, you 
>>can only use one at a time, so if yo've 
>>exhausted Feature A(Overcasting) you may not 
>>have enough stored mana in any one items for 
>>what you want to do. Use those before tapping 
>>into overcast from Feature A, just in case. 
>>First, just so the wand or staff can start recharging on it's own.
>>That's how I've always used them as player or GM.
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>> >Do you GMs have home rules on limiting use of BOTH a staff and wand?
>> >I mean a good staff/wand on average could boost 65 on average.
>> >A very nice staff/wand could boost +100-120 
>> which is almost as much as the CA.
>> >
>> >I usually have folks use 1 or the 
>> other.  But never thought of using both...
>> >
>> >Hope all have great holidays, Christmast, New Years!
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