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Use both,sure. But track how much you've exceeded your casting ability by (for Feature A). Multiple items don't add, they allow a fixed amount of excess casting. If you've already exceeded that level, you need a stronger item. Higher level, or staff over wand. Or both.

You can only use one at a time, f course, so Feature B, boosting success chances, is limited to whatever you have at hand, and can be used as long as you can still cast.

Feature C, if it applies, lets you change between what you have for any item spell you have that you can't cast yourself...again, assuming Feature A still works for you.

And, of course, the smart Enchanter adds a Mana Storage Ensorcellment to all his favorite staves and wands, so you can swap between them to tap stored mana as needed, but, again, you can only use one at a time, so if yo've exhausted Feature A(Overcasting) you may not have enough stored mana in any one items for what you want to do. Use those before tapping into overcast from Feature A, just in case. First, just so the wand or staff can start recharging on it's own. 

That's how I've always used them as player or GM.

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>Do you GMs have home rules on limiting use of BOTH a staff and wand?
>I mean a good staff/wand on average could boost 65 on average.
>A very nice staff/wand could boost +100-120 which is almost as much as the CA.
>I usually have folks use 1 or the other.  But never thought of using both...
>Hope all have great holidays, Christmast, New Years!
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