[PnP] P&P players wanted maybe for last time....

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Dec 3 04:23:06 CET 2017

   Players wanted!!!

   For my 18th year (1999-2017) - 9th Adventure of my Powers and
   Perils PBEM.  All new and old are welcome.  Even if you have
   no PBEM experience.

   This COULD Be my LAST P&P adventure.  Once we get to year 20 in
   2019 it will be 2 decades of a on going game that has lasted 4
   years of game time.  At year 20 I may call it a wrap but I have
   no idea yet if I will.  But I figure go out on top.  :)

   * PBEM: Play by email.  The beauty of this style is not like a table
   game or roll 20 stream or even a website forumn you have to track
   down and log in.  This style allows YOU to get email and play.  No
   need to find a website or microphone.  As GM I simply set the scenes
   and you react.  All you need is a email account.

   * Time involved? Depends on how fast you can read.  A typical update
   is 100-300 lines.  This is in sections with a blank line between
   paragraphs so its not 300 lines of pure text.   A combat update might
   take 500 lines.  So how fast can you read on average 200 lines?  About
   5-15 minutes for each update?  I tend to do two updates a week.  So
   At max you may only need 30 minutes for the game?  Not much time at all!

   * Type of characters?  Right now we have:
      Elf Priest/Druid         Dwarf Artist/Warrior
      Faerry Archer/Magician   Human Acrobat/Wizard
      Human Sailor             Human seductress/wizard
      Human Hunter             Human Dagger Maiden
      Human Wizard/Crafter/Healer

     You can play what you want.  Aside from a Natural Magician.  :)

   * Dedication: Typically adventure will take 1-2 years.  One can
     still play and have a busy life.  If need one you can step back
     and deal with RL which is great with a PBEM and come back in
     when RL calms down.

   * Experience: It does help to have a bit of rpg experience.  But
     it is not impossible.  If you can share thoughts and see a 'vision'
     of a story then you'll do fine.   Rpg experience does help.
     If unsure what Powers and Perils is no big deal.  It is a fantasy
     rpg system like that other dungeon game out there.  But to me its
     far better!

   * Game resources: I have a website one can read and learn about
     the game and pbem.  You do NOT need a silly account to log in
     to a forumn.  Just a browser.

   * How to join?  Simply email me - longshotgm at comcast.net or
     pnpgm at comcast.net.  We'll go from there.

   Again this may be your LAST chance for a P&P pbem.  There have
   been 3-4 attempts over the years but all failed in days or a few
   months.  Until I can get Alex, Wout, David and Burton to run a pbem
   I am it.  :<  So you've been warned.

   When does it start? In a few weeks.  I'm doing the last 2 IBTs for
   2 players then we can begin.  (IBT-In Between Time between
   adventures in this case free time each character gets in this
   case 4 months since last adventure in game time).


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