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I can't just sign folks up blind. That's not how RPoL works. You have to actually press the Apply button on the specific game forum and get your account info sent tot he GM. And you didn't. Only 2 did, a husband and wife. 

And 3 weeks is actually a very long time to wait for folks that have expressed interest then failed to apply. Usually those folks do it in 1 day or so, if the GM links the game forum to the IC thread, which I did.

No, Scott, there just wasn't enough actual interest on RPoL for P&P, as evidenced by the lack of the minimal effort required to join it.

Also, I don't know who Caladan's player was, but I'm fairly sure it wasn't me.

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> >4 people expressed interest, but, after I made the game forum, only
> >one signed up, although he brought a friend. After 3 weeks, I gave up.
>See though that was a test in a way.  A pbem gm needs to be patient.
>No offense here.  Just what I've learned.  I've seen literally hundreds
>of games start and fail within 6 months.  95% of that is determination
>and patience.  I know I signed up and at least one other.  So not
>sure what happened on the site  But i think if you had taken folks
>here as sign ups and then forced folks to the site then they'd
>come.  Granted Wout's site going down wasn't a big help but he
>had no control on that for a month.  I had kept in touch with him
>in my gamehe plays in and just couldn't reboot the server.
>I DO think you have interest.  Maybe the method is not the best
>choice for folks to like.  I've found folks will join a game if
>you just let them and be.  Maybe they got confused on the site?
>I dunno.  I myself want to be in a pnp pbem!  Sorry to see it not
>work out.
>You are still welcome back as Caladan or any others in my game.
>In two years we'll be celebrating the 20th year.  I've seen maybe
>30 folks join and leave.  Two died (miss you john!) Many just
>faded away as they got lost or lost interest.  Some of the best
>characters/players are gone.  But in the end I as GM just continue
>on.  I will go on even with 2 folks if i had to  Wout and Alex have
>been since then 1999.  If i gave up after the first guy left I'd
>end back in 2000. :)  Right now I have 7 (5 very active, 1 awol for
>now and 1 not so active due to ahem personality).  But if you stop
>for lack of activity then games fail.
>#1 I do it for myself.  #2 for the players.  If I'm not having
>fun I'll stop.  Who knows maybe I'll stop on the 20th year just
>to retire.  This would mean the next adventure (#8 might be the
>Maybe you can try again but a bit less restrictive? (for lack
>of a word)  I'd sign up again. :)
>Burton  Emails coming I've been distracted.  Now that
>list is back up maybe we can deal with things here if
>we want to get some activity.
>Sadly pnp is not a game folks know or care.  Anyone cna get players for dnd. :<
>We need help like some good youtube videos on the game.....
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> >Glad to see list/site back up.  So let's get back to game issues 
>and stuff(tm).
> >
> >Daj - You can show your friend now! :)
> >Thomas - How goes those sign ups?
> >
> > From wout postedon my pbem list
> >---
> >This is primarily a test to check whether everyting is back online,
> >and a notification that I have added loads of material to the
> >website. Everything AH published and my backlog on player submitted
> >material has now been added.
> >
> >Enjoy.
> >
> >If anyone finds broken links, missing material or has any suggestions
> >to improve the site, feel free to comment.
> >
> >Wout
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