[PnP] Players Wanted - Possibly for the last time?

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Oct 23 01:53:11 CEST 2016

   Hello folks,

   Many of you know me.  I've been a active member here since early
   '90s.  I contributed a great deal in version 2 of the rules.

   I started my P&P PBEM (Play by Email) game back in 1999.  At
   this point in Adventure #7 we are 75% done.  Sometime next
   year we'll be done.  Ready to start Adventure #8.

   As always I have welcomed new players all the time.  But I am
   doing another Official Players Wanted post.  But this next
   adventure could be potentially the LAST P&P for me.  This one
   will probably last till 2019.  This means TWENTY years for this
   PBEM.  They say retire at the top.  So I may end after the next
   adventure. But I may not.  I do love this game.  But after 20
   years who knows.  :)

   A little background:

     I started PBEMs going back to 1983.  They evolved into my BBS
   (Bulletin Board System).  During the height of this period I
   had at one point 17 Active players in Gamma World (another game
   I run).  I've done others as well.  But this tells you the experience
   I have covering almost 35 years.

     As I said above this current P&P started in 1999.  Since then I
   still have 2 players from that start.  The game itself has only
   stalled twice.  Once one summer when a player who liked to argue
   over rules bogged down things till he died mysteriously (it was
   not ME! I don't kill folks like that).  The other time was a couple
   months when my dad died.  So that shows you this is a constant
   on going game.  Most fail in the first 6 months.


     * The majority of game play is done by e-mail.  If you get email
   you can play.  No need to login to sites.  Email goes to you via
   a Mailing List thanks to Wout.

     * Two websites are resources: Wout's the main P&P site and my
   game site.  My site keeps copies of all posts and updates.  I also
   have links for maps, pictures and other resources like experience
   charts and such one can view as needed.  No login needed just
   access the site.

     * V2 of rules with Perilous Lands  Party HQ land is Marentia.


     I normally don't post a roster in these ads.  But since this
   could be the last time.  Why not.

       Player  Person    Race        Class/type
       Arawn   John     Elf       Druid/Priest/Alfar
       Fremea  Tobie    Faerry    Sidh MU/Archer/Herbalist/Warrior
       Kell    Mark     Half-Elf  Merchant Trader/Wizard
       Kiet    David    Human     Acrobat/Wizard
       Unali   Wout     Human     Dagger Maiden Warrior
       Pyan    Panthera Human     Hunter
       Z'leyra Alex     Human     Shaman/Healer/Wizard
       Dorhak  Kevin    Dwarf     Warrior
       ?       ?        ?         ?
       ?       ?        ?         ?

      Pyan and Dorhak are newest folks.  I have 2 others working
      on characters as well.  So while it looks like a large party
      of 8-10 folks I tailor things so even that's not enough. :)
      Like I said I've had 17 active in one game and it worked
      out so well folks still talk about it.

      So see something that interests you?  I can accept all types.
      Normal and Half Breeds.  We've had 2 half breeds and a 3rd
      will be joining.  I prefer not to have Natural Magicians but
      anything else is fine.

   What does it take to play:

     * Browser/Email client

     * Time: For you 20-40 minutes a week.  I do 2 updates a week.
   on average 300-500 lines.  If you read fast great.  So this
   is a estimated time 20-40.  For me as GM it takes 8-16 hours
   a week to work on the game.  Combat updates take 3 hours per
   phase at times.

     So can you spare 20-40 for maybe 2-3 years?  Join up.  It might
   be the last chance.

     If questions email me:
      pnpgm at comcast.net

     Game Website:
       Has links on how to join, FAQs and other things.

   Thanks for listening.  Now back to the mailing list...

   PS. My Site has info on what a PBEM is if not sure.

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