[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 131, Issue 7 - scans

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Well in my pbem this is adventure #7 since 
1999.  I increased in reality/complexity over the years.
This was to balance player high levels.
So first adventure no real detail on food it was just 'assumed".
Gradually from food to inns, etc.  Now its water 
because they are on the Zen'da plains in winter.
All riding.  So I did some chart for how far 
between each piont a village/water source (like pond).  Based
on population/number of hexes.  Now I have that data.
But one spell a player knows will solve it regardless. :)
When horses need 20-40 quarts per day and I 
calculated based on random factors over 3 they needed over 1600 quarts
water is important for horses.
I'm a detail person being a programmer.  So I 
don't mind the detail complexity at this point.
If it was old route Sivas to Ticasi over road 
sure no big deal Inns/water sources galore.  But plains
are desolate.

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>The art of the gamesmaster, and I use the word 
>intentionally is to entertain his players. I 
>agree, Powers & Perils is a great game. I repeat 
>again, no need for water tables. Better the 
>sound of running water and players startling a bear drinking from a pool
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> >With regard to water sources and super detailing
> >encounter tables. I have to say (respectfully)
> >that P&P is a fantasy game. Tables abound with
> >info. Ultimately to much detail will destroy interest
> >
> >----------
>Yet a system like RoleMaster aka ChartMaster has
>far more tables.  I've been in those games where
>it takes 45 min of page flipping of charts for
>ONE round.  So a player need to decide what they
>want.  I stil think pnp is far better than 99% of
>the fantasy systems out there.
>As to water..well I solved it.  A certain spell will do it very nicely. :)
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> > >Thanks for the offer Bess, but the scans I have a reasonable
> > >quality, but the OCR chokes on the grey background on the tables and
> > >the red background behind important and optional sections. I don't
> > >think that new scans would solve that.
> > >Wout
> >You can add my Weather and v2 Encounter Charts to site if want to.
> >I've noticed minor issues but will see if others find more before
> >fixing it in bulk.
> >
> >Miinor things like a creature should not be in X terrain.
> >
> >On a side note.  Anyone do research on water sources?  Frequency
> >distribution of lake/ponds/rivers?
> >Got folks traveling over Zen'da plains and based on horse needs they
> >need water.
> >Carrying 150 odd quarts per da yis a bt much.
> >
> >So need to come up with charts for
> >* Wells
> >* Villages
> >* Pond/Lakes
> >* Streams
> >for water sources.
> >Burton did you work on any of this?
> >
> >So given a single hex what's the chance of a pond that sort of probability.
> >
> >
> >
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