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>With regard to water sources and super detailing 
>encounter tables. I have to say (respectfully) 
>that P&P is a fantasy game. Tables abound with 
>info. Ultimately to much detail will destroy interest
Yet a system like RoleMaster aka ChartMaster has 
far more tables.  I've been in those games where 
it takes 45 min of page flipping of charts for 
ONE round.  So a player need to decide what they 
want.  I stil think pnp is far better than 99% of 
the fantasy systems out there.

As to water..well I solved it.  A certain spell will do it very nicely. :)

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> >Thanks for the offer Bess, but the scans I have a reasonable
> >quality, but the OCR chokes on the grey background on the tables and
> >the red background behind important and optional sections. I don't
> >think that new scans would solve that.
> >Wout
>You can add my Weather and v2 Encounter Charts to site if want to.
>I've noticed minor issues but will see if others find more before
>fixing it in bulk.
>Miinor things like a creature should not be in X terrain.
>On a side note.  Anyone do research on water sources?  Frequency
>distribution of lake/ponds/rivers?
>Got folks traveling over Zen'da plains and based on horse needs they
>need water.
>Carrying 150 odd quarts per da yis a bt much.
>So need to come up with charts for
>* Wells
>* Villages
>* Pond/Lakes
>* Streams
>for water sources.
>Burton did you work on any of this?
>So given a single hex what's the chance of a pond that sort of probability.
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