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Bessie Hadley eleabess at sbcglobal.net
Sun May 29 18:49:39 CEST 2016

Thanks, David!

With all the PNP books, I find it hard to gather together all the information needed for such objects, so I appreciate this article you shared.

It's interesting that most don't choose Jewelcraft as the secondary skill, for I have almost all my mages learn this craft. I was thinking of magic rings & wands & staffs when I made the decision. To me, to be an armorer is to create something you wear, or use as a fighting defense, and mages don't focus on fighting, but on building magical attacks & defenses.

I picture staffs with defensive, strengthening metal bands (which regular staves would often have) that could be a part of the magical enchantments, or with additional scrolling metal/bead/feather/etc decorative trimmings. I can also picture good/loyal shamans receiving "blessed" virgin wood for wands & staves as a gift from their gods/goddesses, or from their mentor/teachers. Part of the magic is enhancing the wood (adds part of the individuality of the wand/staff). The additional materials could EACH add a different magical power that blends together (or becomes more powerful in certain circumstances) to add in making each wand/staff its own individual total creation. (They could each help serve to increase or decrease differnt types of enemies' magical abilities (something that hates Kothoth serpents, with beads that are separately spelled to confuse, or dizzify intelligence of enemies). --- not that I've created anything that fancy, or powerful - just a way to make special wands & staves to suit a certain purpose, as well as general use.

I feel that if one learns to mold & carve the softer metals (silver, gold, etc) used in jewelcraft, then they can adapt that skill to carving various woods, although I see them consulting with artists and/or woodworkers to help learn the skill more quickly.

Thank you for the mana storage information - somehow I had missed that. I will have to re-calculate the actual mana is in the wand that is discovered by my PCs in my book - lol, it just got better. (I created it in a fair game "treasure" roll, & was delighted to have it show up for me.)

Thanks again, vey much!

Bess L. Hadley

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