[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 126, Issue 1 - flying carpets, etc

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Fri May 20 23:20:33 CEST 2016

 >Finally got around to checking for pnp mail (been playing WoW -
 >dangerous distraction, isn't it?)

Yeah I do Diablo 3 and its a distraction.  But list i squiet sadly.

 >I tend to agree with the transmutation mass = mass - magic is a
 >natural/supernatural energy, so seems it would take hi-level (god-
 >like) power to change mass as well as form, then return it to its
 >natural state.

Dunno.  I've had issue with the spell since '80s.  :<  Seems a bit
off and too easy.

 >As far as flying carpets, I have thought about this because wondering
 >if could use one in my story series. I fouind that while developing my
 >PC as a member of the Society of the Trembling Throne, that the
 >Society's hi-level magic includes a secret way of sending messages
 >to their agents all over the world. I figured that a Levitation spell,
 > combined with a version of this direction-focused communication
 > spell/spells could make a relatively manageable flying carpet,
 >especially if a "wind wall" along all carpet edges provided a safety
 >measure to prevent falls from shifts in direction & altitude. Or
 >perhaps combine a "glue"-type spell to attach the passengers when
 >they sit down upon it that is active while teh carpet is off the
 >ground or other solid surface (but not water - carpet repels against
 >touching water on its lower side.

Levitate is fine.  Would need soem form of mental spell like telepathic
powers to control it.  I'd use a Shield spell to prevent falls.  But
control would be hardest with limits on other things able to do.  For
the spell to warn agents chck out mana powers i think its mana powers
nad under it Mana Sending.  That spell can send a sphere and send
msgs and observe.  I added this spell thanks to Richard alloowing it
for v2.

 >As you can see, such a carpet would be extremely expensive, and
 >therefore rather rare. I plan, in my story, to use one, & a background
 >history of having two or three available to members of the Trembling
 >Throne, created by their very hi-level top magicians.  I further think
 >that being as Ma'Helas, home of the Trembling Throne, as a country
 >worshipping Balance, that they have the favor of the Gods  of Balance,
 >and the Council of the Gods (don't remember what it's called, offhand),
 >and that at least part of the magic of the carpets was provided by
 >them, since teh agents can then be a sort of "Balance Police" that
 >can go anywhere in the world. This does NOT mean that it is not
 >dangerous for those agents, especially in Chaos & Kotothi territories.

Sounds cool.  Only reason I thought of it was supplying food for horses
and water is a pain.  Course we have some toys to help but its a big
issue for long travel.  The party could teleport half the globe with
ease but there are issues with that as well plot wise.

 >As far as the livestock food issue, I have added the cost to buy wagons
 >to transport hay, water, oats, etc, or pack animals for smaller parties.
 >A necessary expense, as my own American pioneer ancestors dealt with as
 >recently as the late 1880's. (Have a female ancester on my mother's
 >who died in Bend, Oregon in 1835 - she is an example of both sides of
 >my family. My father's side have been native Californians since 1810 -
 >we have dealt with this, so our characters easily can. Needs must.

Cool.  Yeah for caravans its obvious.  Even the party had pack
animals and that was fine.  But for this leg of travel they only
are limited to 1 horse so it limits options.  :)

 >Good wishes on your completing the ships. I have borrowed names from
 > actual ancient boat types to use in my stories, and loved teh
 > resources available to order through our local County Library system.
 > One is particular covered ships thru history, both northern,
 > Mediterranean & Oriental - really useful. My ships simply use
 > the bast parts of these, and teh weight/capacity statistics were
 > very useful - ancient trading records provided actual loads for
 >  various ships, as well as times/routes & voyage speeds of both
 >  military & trading vessels. (and which ones pirates liked to use,
 >  which tells you which were fastest - lol)

Well this project is for making and buying ships.  So i wanted to
be as detailed as possible.  This formula I came up with should
wrok fine.  It'll be a couple forumae but anyone who wants a good
ship will use it.  Just not had time to work on project since doing
some major sub work for the campaign.

 >This was a fun letter to read - thanks, Scott!

No problem.

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