[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 128, Issue 3: finding PCs

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Wed Jun 8 05:16:53 CEST 2016

At 12:34 PM 6/7/2016, you wrote:
>Divination seems a natural way to seek out someone needed to help 
>with a particular problem. Either that, or a senior member of any 
>organization, temple, or mage who might be familiar with those with 
>potential talents. One could always ask the local tavern or pub 
>owner, or innkeeper, where more localizes knowledge is needed. If 
>one has time, one could advertise for Adventurers & in interviews, 
>ask re: Birth Talents (gifts/talents that applicant has seemed to 
>have since a child). Response would depend on how the individual has 
>been brought up by his culture in dealing with what could be 
>embarrassing or dangerous talents. The Gods might also help - if 
>there's a problem that the gods (or a God) is concerned about, 
>he/she might just "nudge" those with the needed talents to the place 
>where they are needed, so they can be "found" at the right time. I'm 
>using bits & pieces of all these to get PCs where I want them.. 
>Also, there's messages passed by the Gods through prayer & 
>meditation of druids, shamans & priests, where the most humble & 
>devout might be given clues as to needed actions. Bess L. Hadley -

Div is one of those spellsI am no ta full fan of.  Folks see it mroe 
than I do its value.  To me its a generic cast nothing morecast.  A 
man who tries to jump form one roof to the other can see himself 
either landing.  Simple binary response.  But to see a guy and tell 
if hes magical?  Doubtful.  To me Div sees visual effects.  So if you 
see a person firin ga fire ball sure hten you see it.  I know in 
history there are various forms of Div.  bones on plates...black 
pools of water...mirrors...etc.  But to me again its a visual response.
So not sure its the best means for potential.  IMHO.  I've seen some 
use Div to test if a spell worked so they can skip the whole 
process.  ie check if pass or fali ie godly judgement.  To me this is 
a bit of cheat. Its like downloading a movie in yoru head and seeing 
it a full 2 hour span in 2 seconds.  So you can decide if its worth 
seeing.  So if bad just skip it. To me its bypassing the gods.

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