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Thomas O. Magann Jr. tmagann at earthlink.net
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It doesn't look like there is the body count, but anyone that wants to change that needs to join RPoL.net, first.

After that's done, find the "Game Proposals, Input, and Advice" thread. it's probably part of the few that appear automatically. Then search subject lines for "Powers and Perils" That will find my interest check. It's still on the top half of the page, so searching consists of looking at the screen at this point.

Then just add a post tot hat thread expressing interest. I have 2 firm, right now. I would like at least 4, preferably 6, just so the game has a chance of surviving.


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>I would like to try.How can I do it?
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>> Well, I've tried to with in the last day or so. The interest check is a
>> bit thin. One person from this list, and I don't think it was you, plus
>> two guys that googled the game and might give it a try if they can find
>> the rules.
>> There just doesn't seem to be a body count.
>> >Now whos up to starting a new pnp obem fo rme ?  Evne on rpoll :)
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