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There is a link on my site.
But v2 I and others helped Richard to improve 
v1.  I added like 200 spells myself and helped with monsters and such.
Wout's site..GREAT resource..


v2 is all electronic..no paper versoins.
So should find it all there.


It includes Bards, Druids, Kotothi Shaman and 
Witches.  Think..that's it..but I'm rushed for 
this email so no time to think.
Gotta work on my own game pbem today.

At 02:07 PM 1/26/2016, you wrote:
>Hi, I must have v.! rules (copyright 1983) - no 
>v.@ mentioned on my books' covers. I have no 
>informtion on bards or any other new character 
>type persented in v.2. I will check teh postred 
>website, but if not there, can I get the 
>information - my book series (& games) could use 
>a bard, etc. amongst its traders caravan. (Maybe 
>ist's among the smuggler/woodcrafter/gambler new 
>descriptions?) Starting search. Bess L. Hadley 
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>format=flowed Paul I missed your original post. 
>Bards are covered in the v2 rules for book 
>2.  Including magic and such.  I've created 
>maybe 4-5 myself. I've always just used a 
>Troubadour with Sidhe magic training for a Bard. 
>Of course, I prefer the more limited options for 
>magic and etc in V1, so i use them to make 
>pretty much everything: Bards, Witches, Cunning 
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>[PnP] pnp Digest, Vol 124, Issue 5   >   >Hi 
>All   >   >I run a Goidanese campaign that has 
>the Firbolg return.   I am wondering if there 
>ever was a bard class developed?   >   >They are 
>mentioned in parts of history but not really any 
>guidance on what they would 
>be....   >   >Thanks   >Paul   >   >Sent from my 
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