[PnP] X-Mas

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Dec 25 08:18:18 CET 2016

I hope all have a great Holiday Season (merry X-Mas, Great Enki Day 
or whatever.

Hope the new year brings lots of good topics here.
Don't fear posting. Nothing is silly or stupid.
Many of us been here for 20 plus years.  So we've seen it all. :)

I had hoped to get work on my ship project.
I know I know.  I've said that every year.
But I have solved the big hurdle this year formula wise.
I did get more work in last 4 months than i have in last 4 years.
I only have maybe 200k of data to organize and type up.
Just finding the time.  With my pbem and work.
This last week I'm recovering over a pc hd crash.  :<

So if all goes well maybe 2017 will be that year for my project ;).
Gotta get some beta testers.

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