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Matthew Lynn lynnm at spliteyeprod.com
Sun Dec 11 05:25:53 CET 2016

When they go to try for that weak spot the first time...

I ask how their PC knows that information...

Most of the time, that reminder, with similar encouragement from the other players as well, is usually enough to get them to stop it.

Just my two bits,
Matt Lynn

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> On Dec 10, 2016, at 22:22, Scott Adams <longshotgm at comcast.net> wrote:
> To get some yaky yak here...
> We've all seen the cheaters.  The Players who own the rules.  THe players who know every monster.
> Know how to hit the stomach not the chest to kill it.
> Know that one elusive rule t ruin your evil GM plans.
> I've always hated that.  No fun.  I like challenge.  Playing a game where the monster is just a green slime!  Charge!
> Taking the risk.
> That is the true adventure.
> I've been in boring table games where players know the monsters so well its just dice rolling and taking hits at their weak spots.
> Boring.
> I tend to try at least allow folks to know beasts if they've handled them before.  Obviously.
> If not then maybe a Int to see if based on description of them you heard a rumor or  a story of that black cloud called a Soul DAiva.
> Yet now players rush to the monster file and scan for the descriptons.  Ahh..so its a X and easy...just need to avoid its poison claws.  No problem.
> This is where new critters come in not based in rules.  But even that is ;lacking.
> So all ye GMs.  How do you balance the cheating with IC and OOC gaming?
> Curious on your 2 Brass Bits.
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