[PnP] v2 Random Encounter Chart updates

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Fri Dec 9 21:24:18 CET 2016

   I have updated my master Monster v2 Encounter Charts.
   I've been working on my ship project.  Yeah Yeah. I know
   I've said that for years.  But I've done more work the last
   3 months on it than I have in 3-4 years.  My pbem takes
   90% of my free time.

   Anyways, if folks are using my charts I have updated them.  I'll
   not repost them here.  But if you need the file let me know.
   But Wout is working on a present for folks and it will have a
   version of it.  He has edited my version slightly.  But the
   concept is the same.

   But if need to know the changes are:

     Day Added
       Animals, Piranha
       Animals, River Turtle
       Animals, Water Birds
       Animals, Water Snakes

   Night A
        Border redcap, Dirailla-ta, Edali, Fata Sheen

        Added *, **, *** and **** notes form my Storm/Sea Encounter file
            * Found along Coastline    ** Found in Lakes, Rivers
           *** Found in Rivers         **** Found along edge of water
           To various monsters in list
        on certain creatures

   Night B
        Gwydi***, Mir, True Sidhe, Poltergeist

     Leech, Crab

   Night A
      Crab, Leech, Water Snakes

   Night B
    Added True Sidhe, Poltergeist
    Mistake First Entry 26- should be 01- First line Fixed.

   Ocean - No changes except I changed my format for my Storm / Sea
     encounters file charts to reflect my master charts.

   So I did the 3 basic water based area.  I had hoped by now to
   hear peer review on the charts or mistakes or suggestions but

   Wout those are the changes.  If you need the 2 Waterways/Swamp
   charts I can send them to you.


On a side - Making good progress on my Pc generator.  :)..but will 
take a long itme as its a hour here..ten min there of coding in my 
free (ha ha) time.

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