[PnP] Travel in the PL

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Tue Apr 26 21:28:50 CEST 2016

List been quiet..so let's talk!

1) Transmutation - Many of you use this spell? Initially players used 
it to transmute a horse into rocks to stop inclusion costs of 
tleeport.  Then we remembered the animate to inanimate rule.  But 
this spell always gave me issues ever since '80s. Seems too easy.
To me I think mass = mass.  So a horse going to rock would be a large 
boulder.  IMHO.  I just can't see a horse goig the size of a 
pebble.  Just makes no sens to me.  Unless you lose law of reality 
and just say 'ohhh..magic does those things.'
What do you guys say on this spell?

2) Teleport - Inclusions.  Way back Richard had told me or was posted 
here that a inclusion was 1 person of average human size or in some 
ways same as caster.  So I've always just cheated and said 250 pounds 
- 1 inclusion.  So a giant of 800 woudl be 4 inclusions an dso 
on.  Thus issue with horses being 750-1200 pounds.  Costly 
inclusions.  We have teleporters with EL10 level but even they can't 
take all horses in one leap.  So how do you guys consider this?  Some 
say it shoud be Mass rather than weight.  Bleh  Course this doesnto 
include gear/clothing.  I cheat there as well.

3) Long travels: Party food is relative easy to have with no 
issue.  But horse food is not.  At 3 or 4 fp per horse and limited 
type of food (ie oats, apples, grain) your limited on supiies.  At 10 
horses for 2 week travel talking 30 fp per day or 420 fp ish.  At 10 
pounds per grain bag....and that's only 10 that's alotof 
weight.  Burton you did those great town / civilization building 
guides.  Did you ever figure out a way to solve this issue? Did you 
research this topic to make it easer?  Grazing is fine but in winter 
its difficult.

4) Flying carpets: Last night was thinking of ways to solve the 3 
issues. No horses.  Flying carpets/ships/slabs.
I did have a flying ship but it was through a new form of elemental 
magic. So how would one maybe do this?  Levitation, some form of 
heelmind spell to control it since no wheels on a carpet (steering 
wheels) brakes.  Or verbal commands but that would make 
maneuverability rough. I saw some site with dnd carpets at 20k gold 
for 1 man...geesh!..seriously?
Anyone ever add these to your world?

5) Ship project- I've had free time lately so I'm back to trying my 
ship project.  Its done except for Construction/combat.  Combat will 
be easy.  Construction is harder.  I think I have a breakthrough on a 
issue mainly on common amounts of wood.  So I cna build and price 
it.  Think I solved it but need to do more tweaking.  I do want to 
finish this project i started so many years ago.....sigh

6) So how is everyone doing in their worlds?  Burton your empire 
thriving for those folks? :)

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