[PnP] The Lower World

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Nov 15 00:39:07 CET 2015

 >The lower world is a land of perpetual Twilight...think of it as just
 >after sunset or just before sunrise.  It is a land of extremes...
 >extreme beauty, extreme environments, and extreme danger.  There is
 >always some light, but no sun.  A variable moon (or moons) would be
 >an excellent addition.

This is how I recall it as well. But wasn't sure if I ever considered
a moon or not.  A bit of cavey, middle world yet Ryloth type place
at times.  Never played in it yet.  I need to.  Technically played
in Avalon which is if i recall technically a UW area.  But not in
the large UW areas.  I do have some good players that could afford
to go there except the new guys.  They might be at risk.

 >It is split into three distinct areas that tend to, if not war upon
 >each other, certainly try to take advantage of the others.  Those
 >three are The Elder Lands, The Pale of Kototh, and The Elemental Lands.
 >The Elder Lands consist of woodlands, forests, breathtaking valleys and
 >flower-covered fields, smaller marshes, hills and mountains.  The
 >mountain areas are mostly for the Dwarves and their kin and allies,
 >though they might have outdoor habitations.  The Sidh occupy the
 >forest areas with their kin and allies.


 >The Pale of Kototh is a land of twisted forests, jungles, marshes,
 >badlands, deserts, hills and mountains.

Yep.  Seems like now that I think of it....way back in late '80s
I did something in this region...hmmmmm....I'd have to check my
file cabinet of documents.  Maybe it was just some npc beign tossed
there and trying to get out....i can't recall.

 >The Elemental Lands would be especially dangerous areas of earth,
 >fire, water and air.  The powers in this area would be quite
 >capricious and rarely what we might consider 'moral'.

Yep.  I'm sure Kiet will vacation there soon...

 >Almost all of the forces in these three realms would be more concerned
 > with maintaining what they have and defending it from interlopers.
 > They would have little interest in 'helping' party members.  Also,
 > most of the forces would be stronger than their middle world
 > cousins.  In other words, many would be double size using the
 > creature variation rules...maybe more!

So bags of meat for experience eh :) Size that whole Size thing when
it came out confused me for a bit.   Can't even recall if there is
a chart for it anymre.  Would have to check my archives.

 >The Sidh would engage in constant hunting, arts, and war.  Dwarves
 >much the same, though their art might be stone and metal work.  The
 >Kotothi would tend towards invading the other realms.  Elemental
 >areas might be especially harsh environments.

To me the Elementals would want to expand their own regions not for
war/power but for simple territory.  More volcanos or larger water
areas.  How I saw them 30 years ago.

 >None of the forces in the area would be especially welcoming to

But in my universe humans are definitely there.  Some to escape
or some just to struggle.  :)

BTW - What is Kiet's bet with Kell on the goblin meat? :)
Figure I'd ask here since too lazy to email.

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