[PnP] Help Wanted!

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Mon Nov 9 21:00:48 CET 2015

Thanks.  I think I do have this one on other computer if i recall...

At 07:27 AM 11/9/2015, you wrote:
>This is the version I got from you years ago, in 
>the list of things that still didn't make it to the site.
>On 09-11-15 13:07, Burton Choinski wrote:
>>My program was designed to be sent to a 
>>printer, where it would print sheets for each 
>>enabled terrain, for each of the 4 conditions 
>>(travel day, camped day, travel night, camped 
>>night). the GM simply read down the column and 
>>scratched off the line (either an encounter of “——“ for nothing.
>>I’ll try and find it and send it out tonight.
>>>On Nov 8, 2015, at 9:48 PM, Scott Adams <longshotgm at comcast.net> wrote:
>>>At 01:55 PM 11/8/2015, you wrote:
>>>>Did I ever send you my postscript encounter 
>>>>generator?  It is extendable (should be easy enough to add to it).
>>>I still have my code from my encounter program but never recall yours.
>>>Well I did demand..err I mean ask if you could 
>>>do this like a year or two ago.  But nope...:)
>>>So did ya want ot help ro do you not know the monsters well enough?
>>>If so heres your interview..
>>>1) You will allow me to take 99.9% of the credit?
>>>2) If there is a mistake in the document you 
>>>will blame the democrats and not me?
>>>Simple questions I say :)
>>>Either way if not help with beta version can see the final version.
>>>I had hoped ot do a spreadsheet format but it 
>>>soon became obvious it would've been more tedious for various reasons.
>>>Monster   Terran1   Terrain2..etc
>>>Critter           X
>>>etc...but it would've made going back and 
>>>forth for the charts too much work and I'm too lazy.
>>>So just made a
>>>Forest Encounters
>>>    Critter      Day     Night   Intermediate    NA
>>>For the monster nad what SS for the charts which is far easier to handle.
>>>Spreadsheet would've been far better to cross 
>>>index to find out what critter is not in what terrain.  But oh well...
>>>Stay tuned...
>>>Man..when did we start the v2 files? Other 
>>>computer is off so cant check.  But maybe a decade?  So this is about time ..
>>>I was considering adding Exploding Deer to the 
>>>charts for Ash fans but nah.  (See if any Ash fans out there)
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