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Mon Nov 9 09:11:57 CET 2015

I've created an extended  encounter system for MeuRE (based on PP)...in
I could provide  you the general idea if you want.
All is available for free on http://meure.be
Just tell me.

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At 01:55 PM 11/8/2015, you wrote:
>Did I ever send you my postscript encounter generator?  It is 
>extendable (should be easy enough to add to it).

I still have my code from my encounter program but never recall yours.

Well I did demand..err I mean ask if you could do this like a year or 
two ago.  But nope...:)

So did ya want ot help ro do you not know the monsters well enough?

If so heres your interview..

1) You will allow me to take 99.9% of the credit?
2) If there is a mistake in the document you will blame the democrats 
and not me?

Simple questions I say :)

Either way if not help with beta version can see the final version.
I had hoped ot do a spreadsheet format but it soon became obvious it 
would've been more tedious for various reasons.
Monster   Terran1   Terrain2..etc
Critter           X
etc...but it would've made going back and forth for the charts too 
much work and I'm too lazy.
So just made a
Forest Encounters
    Critter      Day     Night   Intermediate    NA
For the monster nad what SS for the charts which is far easier to handle.
Spreadsheet would've been far better to cross index to find out what 
critter is not in what terrain.  But oh well...

Stay tuned...

Man..when did we start the v2 files? Other computer is off so cant 
check.  But maybe a decade?  So this is about time ..

I was considering adding Exploding Deer to the charts for Ash fans 
but nah.  (See if any Ash fans out there)

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