[PnP] Help Wanted!

Scott Adams longshotgm at comcast.net
Sun Nov 8 07:04:56 CET 2015

Want Fame and Glory?  Want Riches beyond dreams?  Want the 
satisfaction of great deedS?

I'm looking for those who seek this great opportunity!  I'll even pay 
handsomely 30 Silver Coins per day - funds held in my Sivas Moneylender shop

The Mission is to help me with new Creature Encounter system.
I had hoped Burton would've done this years ago but nope the slacker! j/k

I was tired of doing encounters with v1 monsters.  I always used my 
Encounter Program I wrote way back in '90s? Pre v2
But when me and Richard worked on the v2 monsters it was never updated.

I started this project already..

Should be fairly easy.

Step 1 - List Terrains with each monster. I added 2 
terrains  Grasslands and Tundra since that whole north ice area.
Step 2 - Make new Charts based on 1.  So if Plains have 100 monsters 
easy 1 fo reach monster.  But likely not tha teasy.  Task though 
should be eas once I divide it up into day/night (already noted from step 1).

So for those who want to beta test the first step let me know.  I'd 
prefer folks who know v2 monsters well.  Not enough to out of th 
eblue name all green eyed monsters.  But enough to know that the Fata 
belongs here and the Lin there.  Terrain wise.  So you can comment on 
my list and suggest changes.  If so let me know.

My v2 monster file is 12,000 or so lines.  I'm at the Fs (going line 
by line adding to step 1) down to 7100 lines or so.  At this rate I 
could be done in a few weeks.  If I do 1-2 letters each day.

Also this is a GREAT time to add to teh master Monster database.  If 
you have new critters not in the v2 file please post it.  I can add 
it to my file and the encounter charts.  Then we can all use v2 charts.

Stay tuned...

Glory awaits! or at least a slap on the shoulder!

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