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At 07:57 PM 5/10/2015, you wrote:
>Hey all,
>I have been contemplating a v2 re-write of the combat rules.  More 
>precisely it would be an expansion of the same rules but with some 
>additions and software (Excel) support.  The Excel support would 
>allow for a combat to be quickly set up, then the program would sort 
>the weapon/CDF priorities for the GM and roll the dice, and return 
>results.  This part is already set up/written I just want to make it 
>easier to use and add a 'how to use' tutorial.

This would be good for a laptop table game.  It might even be god for 
my pbem but it would be another thing to do.  Which would add 
time.   I rarely use the weapon/cdf stuff.  Its one aspect since 80s 
I never got into.

>My question is on 'severe' hits.  To me, just the increase in hit 
>point damage range isn't really enough to make a realistic 
>combat.  People drop their weapons, lose their shields, break a 
>limb, etc.  I want to add consequences to this kind of attack 
>success.  Not all of them, mind you, but some of them, kind of like 
>fumble rolls for really bad attacks, but positive ones for the 
>really successful attacker.
>Here's my list thus far:
>- Disable a limb (cut tendon, broken arm, sliced muscle, etc.  Could 
>be hand, foot, portion of arm or leg).

I use "called shots" based on the great Fringeworthy system.  I never 
typed up those rules and its a bit hard to document.  Being home brew.

>- Disarm the enemy or knock away his shield.

This is the pure Parry attacks with that thing.  I don't recall ever 
having a shield done though fo rme.

>- Pushback (push enemy back one hex).

I do sort of base don strength.  I mean Raban could do that with a 
sneeze.  But a general equal weight hting or such will be less hard 
to do unless you use Martial Arts or such.

>- Spoil enemy's next attack.

hmmm...that could be complex or easy....hmmm
That tends to be strategic han tactical moves.  So a fighter tricks 
others to hcase him toward a ravine and plan a good 
ambush....but....would be interesting to see documented.

>- Hinder enemy's next attack (say +5 to +20 on his next roll or 
>number of rolls).

This is done by the Combat Mods and Magic items worn.

>- Stun opponent (small number of rounds).  This also could 
>represents an enemy disengaging because of his wound and simply 
>defending himself.

Subdual is there already...to stun it would be more 
restrictive.  Certain weapons or magic ..

>- Create opening for attackers next hit (-5 to -20).

Feign an attack?  i do that But its more Descriptive...not documented.

>- Cause extra blood loss (loss of EnL)...but not enough to likely 
>kill...just eventually need to recover from.

combat affecting Enl?  With non magic weaponsoritems?
Realistically don't see how.

>For severe misses (aka fumbles or blunders), the list was shorter...
>- Drop weapon (not always a big problem because some might have 
>wrist strap or, as many Knights had, might have the weapon chained 
>to their armor!  Probably to retain a very expensive item.)
>- Lose next attack (I was thinking due to losing balance or some such).
>- Create an opening for the enemy (-5 to -20 on next attack).
>- Fall (slip, trip, etc....skip next attack just to get up...attacker -10).
>- Invite an extra attack THIS turn. (Open up your guard so much that 
>you are an easy target).

I use this in my Critical Succ and Crit Fail home brew. So a fighter 
may have 200% chance to hit that big beast but he could get nervous and fail.

>Anyway, I was wondering if any of you had any other suggestions for 
>consequences of good or bad attacks.

Well Parry is weak in pnp. Its usually Attack, Parry, Dodge...But 
Parry could be more elaborate.  I always think of swordsmasers like 
Errol Flynn or Zorror.
A Crit Fail and Crit succ I like myself.  This means you may know you 
have 500% chance but the gods will still laugh at you and you fail.

>I am also working on some concepts for deadly hits...specifically, 
>blood loss (as a loss of EnL) due to cuts and deep 
>contusions.  Again, just the hit points don't cut it (pun intended).

Fringeworthy has asome great blood loss and such.
I have those charts in computer form..when I did it up in late 
80s.  Not sure...if i have the charts documented.
Would have to check..

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